Just another Holi story!

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The year was 1999. I was 10 years old. The time was around 10:00 am. My mom had just sent me to buy some stuff from the shops in front of our building, in Mumbai.

So, here I was, going down the stairs, whistling a tune to “Baadshah mein baadshah” (A super-hit Bollywood film Baadshah). I came out of the building, and walked towards the gate.

Suddenly, Two guys popped out from nowhere, and caught me. It took me a while to get out of my bewilderment and realise they were actually my friends, S and T.

“Where are you going?”  Asked S.

“Just down to the shops, to buy some stuff.” I replied.

“Are you carrying?” It was T who asked this asinine question.

“Carrying? Carrying what? I’m not armed and this is not the 70’s.” I retorted.

“Hmm. Come on, we’ve got something to show you.” S and T sniggered.

“But wait, mom’s waiting for me.” I couldn’t care less about the ‘thing’ they wanted to show me.

“It won’t take 2 minutes. Come on! You can take it home if you want.” S said while T’s muffled giggles turned into full-roaring laughter.

“Fine! And what’s with him? Had too much coke in the morning?” Bear in mind this was back in the days when coke meant Coca-Cola and we were 10.

“He’s just mad. Don’t take him seriously. He’s a bit off-colour today.” (‘Uske rang ude pade hain aaj.’ Loosely translated). S replied and led the way as I followed with T on my tow, still laughing uncontrollably.

They took me to an empty parking lot of Mr. Bisht. There they waited.

“Okay, now that I’m here, what is it?” I asked rather irritated by the secrecy and wastage of time.

“Wait for it bro!” T replied, seeming controlled. “Where are they? They should’ve been here with the stuff!” he said turning to S.

“They’ll be here.” T replied nonchalantly.

Five more minutes passed with no one showing up with any ‘stuff’. I was fed up with this charade and said, “Look buddy, I really have to get home!” and started walking outside the dark parking lot.


Before I could open my eyes, I was covered in water, colors ranging from green, yellow, blue, violet, red and of course the world famous ‘gulal’. Around 30-35 water-balloons thrown at me and 20 more taking aim. I ran as fast as I could from that place.

To this day, I’ve never forgiven S and T for the heinous crime of playing a prank on me! It was the last Holi for me in that building because we shifted after that, and even now, every time I come out of a parking lot, I’m a bit cautious and since that day, I’ve never forgotten the colour filled fun-festival of Holi!

Revenge will be MINE!!

To all my readers, Wish you a happy, colorful and exciting Holi!


74 thoughts on “Just another Holi story!

  1. 😀 It was like revising my own memory. The earliest holi that I remember was exactly the same, with just one difference. I didnt have to wait. They called me in a “galli”, and rained baloons from overhead balcony

    I had cried aloud out of fear and surprise 🙂
    Nice post as always!


    1. Hahaha! Well at least you didn’t have to wait. I got scolded when I got home! Imagine my mom’s surprise when she saw me return home empty handed and looking like an oompa-loompa!

      And thanks for the compliment, buddy! 😀


  2. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa someone beat me to it!! i no longer hold the first commentator position! 😦
    now bout the post…………..@#$# I FRIGGIN FORGOT TO READ IT!


  3. ok First of all – ahahahhahahhahahhahahaha ur friends S and T are so funny. For 10 yr olds. “You can take it home if you want.” hyuk hyuk hyuk…
    secondly, u said “I’m not armed and this is not the 70’s” when u were 10? you knew bout the 70s n all?
    and thirdly – u were singing Badhshah mein badhshan in full public view? I wud’ve dun wat S and T did for that fact alone. Lol i can’t imagine anyone singing it. did u go all high pitch and low pitch Baadhshan oh badhshaan?


    1. 1. They really are funny, not just for 10 year olds. And they still pull pranks over the phone, when I went visiting! OH, They really are a fun lot!
      2. Well, yeah! I used to read James Bond and Fredrick Forsyth, when I was 10!
      3. I wasn’t singing! I was whistling! You know the tune! It’s catchy!


      1. found out a new thing bout u tday,, that u grew up in Mumbai.. the mystery is uncovering.. and i also know ur name.. buahahaha..

        and no its not catchy.. its lame.. 😛


          1. *sigh* how many times.. ..the mystery of the HAT!
            and i didnt dig n all.. just Happen to find out.. not like im crazy stalker or anythin


          2. It’s no mystery!! It’s just a hat on the face…that’s all. A hat on the face!

            Happened to find out? How did that happen? and my own stalker! Boy, wouldn’t that be great! 😉


          3. i was stalking this other guy but then we became all friends and he turned all too boring to stalk. so retired.
            and i for one would loooooooooove a stalker.. someone whose got thaaaaaaaaaat much time to waste on me… *sigh*


          4. Well you know, I should have a doubt if she’s stalking me, but not know for sure. But if I know she stalking me, then I’ll probably end up being just friends and lose my stalker!


          5. I’d like to know he’s stalkin me and then pretend i don;t know and thn i cud b friends but then pretend not to know he’s my stalker and it’d be like so sweet cos he’d be so grateful for the better stalking opportunities. and i’ll subtly leave around strands of my hair n stuff for him to collect and stuff. i’d be the best stalkee ever..


      1. i’ve never been attacked on Holi or any other day. So i dunno the terms. But i do recall my friends lookin all pink the day after Holi. So ya. And ya there is a Gulal.. with K.K.Menon n all.. google.


          1. oh please ppl come up with the lamest attacks on april fools day… if u set reminder on april 1st then u ll know wat all to look out for.
            And no i have been attacked. By a chicken. But that was on some normal random day.


          2. haha.. on second thoughts, maybe ill blog about it someday.. i already have one evil chicken post on my blog… still..this cud be prelude to that..


          3. You do?!? Okay! I’ve the popcorn! Let the fun begin!

            Being attacked by a chicken! Oh God! I just can’t stop laughing! So you were running ahead, and the chicken was behind you, flapping its wings… How did it end? Don’t tell me you climbed a tree! 😉


          1. i said “for the record” in my head when i was writing it…but meant to write fyi instead.. so i must’ve put w…..though…..there is no w in for the record either is there? um..


          2. You absolutely sure you’re not drunk? You might want to lie down a bit! 😛

            and It is walking! What makes you think it’s safer to walk at home? You could slip and fall! You know More people die of slipping and falling than pedestrian accidents!


          3. And even chicken need space! I mean loads of space! Even we had chicken! But we had a huge farm too! I never got chased around by a chicken! Come to think of it, I’ve never been chased around! I’d been hit by a cow, though! Will blog about that later, maybe! 😉


          4. yeah u shud.. its bout ppl chumma dying n stuff.. like simply by sitting at home.. watch part one k.. thats the best one.. two also.. three not so much..


          5. We still have chickens… 12 of em.. and they’re all nice.. that particular rooster was the reincarnation of the first rooster that attacked me..
            and hahahahha a cow bit u?? i thought cows are gentle beings.. wat did u like stick ur arm in its mouth or something?? yes do blog bout it.. we shalll have blog week on animal attacks.


          6. its super-fantastic… it makes u sit and think bout the thoughts that goes through the script-writer’s head on any given day.. u havent seen this also? wat movies dyu have in ur hard disk and external disk that makes ur laptop all slow? umm.. actually don’t answer that. 😛
            and i scare easy… remember wat i said bout paranormal activity?
            and wats so funny bout thaaat now??! mayb ur the one whose drunk 😛


          7. I watch action, drama and offbeat movies more than i watch mainstream. And yeah, you should’ve known better than to ask a guy what he keeps in his HDD. And it’s not only movies, I’ve got tons of TV series and Games too.

            PA, I could understand, but this…

            Nobody dies just like that! What do you mean chumma dying? he/she’s not… you know doing stuff like running or eating to be doing it “chumma”. Have you ever heard anyone say, “Avano? Avan chumma chathu?”


          8. Oh but seeeeeeeeeriously in this movie they literally chumma die! u gotta watch it to believe me.
            and u spoke malayalam…teehee..


          9. And you wonder why I didn’t see it? 😉

            And you made me! If some non-malayali starts reading our conversation, it’ll be the end of my blog! You do realize what chumma means in hindi, don’t you? Oh, my dear blog! 😉


          10. oh please… end of ur blog.. so melodramatic..
            and yes i know wat chumma means in hindi.. i thought thats y u ROFLYAOed
            but then figured thats a stupid reason to ROFLYAO.
            *sigh* for all the non-mal readers of this looong convo (unlikely), i didn’t mean the hindi chumma. i mean the mal chumma. if u dunno wat that means, google.


          11. No, i love being teased. It gives me great pleasure to be on the receiving end of teases. I’m just pretending to be all annoyed so that you’ll do it. I love it.. i really really do. yup, like totally. keep it coming!


          12. This is not the same neighborhood! This is not even the same city! This is two different continents!

            And grandma glasses jokes are funny, it’s just that you should be the one saying them!! 😉


          13. I wouldn’t have believed you anyways. Come On! Nobody likes to be teased! Some of us can stand being teased, while some can’t. You can’t!

            And ‘impressionable’ ‘lil’ ‘kids’? And you tell me you’re not old! KIDS?!? seriously? 😉


          14. grandma glasses jokes were not, are not and will never be funny..its also a bit racist.. i mean with regards to the glasses-wearing community.


          15. They always were, is and will be!! Just try cracking one on others! And racist?!? wearing glasses is NOT a race! Moreover it’s not the glasses that I was teasing about… It was your old eyes! 😉 😛

            P.S I wear glasses, too, you know!


        1. You know about him not knowing about blogs and you “old” enough to not only know about them but have been writing one too.
          And then about you saying you “vividly” remember something when you “were” 19!!


    1. Okay, WE as in the younger group, remember everything that happened 2-3 years ago. For someone to specify that they remember “vividly” something that happened it either has to be that vague to be forgotten, or you must be that old!

      I know it’s not funny when you explain it to someone…


  4. ok first of all.. stop calling urself the “younger group”… its not like ur a teenager anymore.. umm are u?
    and seondly 19 wasnt 2-3 yrs ago. its was a good 8 yrs ago..
    and also people say vividly remember all the time.. its an expression.
    and if u say u must be that old one more time i shal personally stalk u till i find where u live and come break both ur legs. and stomp ur hat also. >:-/
    and no.. its not funny wen u explain it.


    1. HAHAHAHA…. It;s really fun to get you all riled up in the middle of the night!

      And no, i’m not a teenager! But I do remember my teens “vividly”!
      It was 2-3 yrs ago for us!
      No they don’t unless it is about something vague or really old!
      And I’d love for you to try! Let me know if you’re in the neighborhood! 😉
      And for God’s sake leave my poor hat alone!! 😉


      1. yeah too bad… but it was half over by the time i saw it.. and also its a lil corny.. i mean u told me u dunt really watch normal ppl movies.. so..
        i see that someone got new comment person tday…ooooooooooooh.. yet another girl… gee wat r u like a babe-magnet or sumthin? 😛
        n y r all the comments of mine that i asked u to delete still awaiting moderation?


        1. Well yea..I don’t watch normal people movies! 😉

          I know, right! I mean, it’s amazing! What I couldn’t do in years, this blog has done in days! 😉

          oh don’t worry about that, only you can see them. I didn’t delete them yet to , you know, if our conversation on that topic were to continue. And check your indimail! 😛


    1. NOOOOO!!!! you dumdum!!! What I meant was next time you’ve something “controversial” to say, say it through indimail… you know, you commenting here, then I comment, and then I’ve to decide the time before I delete the comments, and then to select them before deletion…Read my name…you get the idea, don’t you?

      And do you think I’d ever do something like that? Look at my blog! Each post has over 50 comments! If people don’t get inspiration to read from that, I don’t know what will!!


    1. I meant it in the best way possible! What am I going to do with comment space? It’s not like I get paid for saving it! What I meant was, when you post stuff like that, anyone can see them, and since you didn’t want ‘anybody’ to see them, i suggested a better method, that’s all!

      And seriously after all this, you are accusing me of stealing comment space? really? After I mentioned you in a frikkin post about our conversations! Now I’m hurt! Deeply HURT! 😥 😉 😛


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