Just another Holi story!

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The year was 1999. I was 10 years old. The time was around 10:00 am. My mom had just sent me to buy some stuff from the shops in front of our building, in Mumbai.

So, here I was, going down the stairs, whistling a tune to “Baadshah mein baadshah” (A super-hit Bollywood film Baadshah). I came out of the building, and walked towards the gate.

Suddenly, Two guys popped out from nowhere, and caught me. It took me a while to get out of my bewilderment and realise they were actually my friends, S and T.

“Where are you going?”  Asked S.

“Just down to the shops, to buy some stuff.” I replied.

“Are you carrying?” It was T who asked this asinine question.

“Carrying? Carrying what? I’m not armed and this is not the 70’s.” I retorted.

“Hmm. Come on, we’ve got something to show you.” S and T sniggered.

“But wait, mom’s waiting for me.” I couldn’t care less about the ‘thing’ they wanted to show me.

“It won’t take 2 minutes. Come on! You can take it home if you want.” S said while T’s muffled giggles turned into full-roaring laughter.

“Fine! And what’s with him? Had too much coke in the morning?” Bear in mind this was back in the days when coke meant Coca-Cola and we were 10. Continue reading “Just another Holi story!”


Happy Women’s Day… or NOT!

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Why do you need a special day to celebrate your womanhood? You don’t see us having Man Day? (Man day? Kind of sounds like Monday… Boy! That sucks!) Don’t we need to celebrate our Manhood?

Here’s the difference between man and woman (confining strictly to celebrating sexes, of course). We, men, celebrate our manhood whenever we feel like. Be it a weekend, or if a game is on, or any reason or no reason at all, men can and do go to bars, have a few drinks or maybe lay back on their couches and enjoy the game, or maybe catch up on other manly activities such as renovate houses, reinstate furniture, repair a car, etc.

We do not need a special day to these kinds of stuff. What boggles me is, women need a special day for themselves, to do… what?  What is it that you do on this day that you cannot do on any other day? Why is there such a day to begin with? Just so that women can slack off from work they don’t do otherwise?

Now before you come up with “women oppression” and “equal rights for women”, which I know many of you will, here’s my answer. If you are equal to us, you do not need this day. If you are equal to us, you do not need the ‘special’ reservation in anything. You give up these and other ‘special treatments’, and then and only then do you have the right to equality. Continue reading “Happy Women’s Day… or NOT!”

Making Conversation…

“George Costanza with his brilliant idea.”

I was watching Seinfeld (The Pitch, The Ticket s04e03) in which, George Castanza comes up with this seemingly ridiculous idea about a TV series about nothing.

All the show would be was about the talking and conversations in real life. And that is exactly what the writers of Seinfeld did. They created a show about nothing but the day-to-day conversations, the daily activities and the mundane melodrama but with a tinge of humour and thus created one of the greatest sit-coms ever made.

I like the way the people in the show talk to each other, especially George. He says stuff that comes to his mind on the spot. If he thinks about something weird, he says it. His character in the show is the most comic one, according to me of course, because he is quite frank but only to his closest friends. Continue reading “Making Conversation…”

The Better Half

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Tonight was the big night. Richard had waited so long for this. Emily had finally said “yes”. He prepared the bed, fluffed the pillows and readied the mattress. He went over to the cupboard and brought the red velvet sheets. He thought about the woman he was going to make love to, as he spread the sheets. He went into the living room, opened the second drawer of his dresser and picked up the bouquet. He plucked every single petal off of every rose and flung them onto the velvet covered mattress.

Then he went over to the mirror on the wall and slid it upwards. It came right out of its frame. He took the small video camera out of the frame on the wall, checked it and placed it back in. This was going to make him rich. These kinds of tapes, if authentic, could cost millions and he knew it. Tonight was special.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Richard baby, I’m so sorry dear. I will be a bit late, honey.” It was Emily.

“Oh, ok. Why? What happened? ” He was disappointed, still didn’t give up hope.

“It’s just this little thing I’ve to take care of at work dear. I’ve got an extra shoot at the set, but don’t worry,
I’ll make it up to you when I get home, sweetie.”

He loved it, when she called him sweetie.

“Oh alright, you naughty girl! How late are you going to be?”

“Umm, just about an hour. Is that okay?”

“Yeah sure dear!”

He heaved a sigh of relief. This was still on. He was still going to be rich, only an hour later. But he could wait. He had waited patiently for so long, what was an hour, compared to that.

He rested on the sofa in the living room.

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Just watched Cujo!! Yes, Cujo, the one they talk about in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the movie adaptation of the Stephen King book “Cujo”. It was amazing! I watched it all by myself. It’s 2:00 am and I watched Cujo, all by myself. Consider it boasting, call me immodest but I did it!

One of the scariest movies I’ve seen. Well I started the movie, expecting so much, because I’ve watched and read “The Shining” by Stephen King himself. So I, kind of,  knew the level of fear and horror the movie was going to instill in me.

Me and my friend, both have been wanting to see this movie ever since we first heard so much fuss about it on FRIENDS. And that is exactly how I came to watch this movie.

****Spoiler Alert****

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Letter to a Pen-pal…

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Dear MNO,

I know it’s been a while since I wrote to you. Everything is fine here. Hope you are doing well. How is your leg? The last time you wrote to me, it was from the hospital. Remember? You were foolish enough to not only climb up a mango tree, and fall from it too! This is what a craze of mangoes could do to you.

Well, I hope you recuperated well enough. Everything is fine here. I guess I already wrote that, huh? Classes in college suck! But I guess I have my fun with my class-mates and my friends. The reason I classify them in that manner is that they are different. I look at my classmates as my classmates and my friends as my friends. Not that my classmates are not my friends, they are, but the thing is I cannot talk to them the way I chat with my friends.

When you’re my friend, you’re my friend. I’ll tell you everything about me. You’ll know my deepest secrets. I’ll trust you with my life. Now that’s friendship. I don’t share that kind of a bond with my classmates. I hope you understand what I’m rambling about.

And hey, before I forget, I’m also sending you some mangoes and strawberries. Hope they reach you safe and sound as fruits, and not as fruit pulp.

My younger brother just saw me writing this letter. He made some snide remark about writing letters in this ‘modern age’. What is this modern age, really? Does it mean that I should not do something I like to do, just because it is inconvenient? I mean, I love writing letters, and especially when it is to someone special like you. And I wonder whether he even knows what a postage stamp is. Ah Well, I pity my brother and his friends. They have no idea what they are missing out on. I mean, it is one thing to miss out on writing letters and waiting for their reply but to not have someone to share their feelings with, now that’s just pathetic.

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