Politics… Really?

Politician: I’ll give you food, clothing and a roof.
Beggar: Oh this Emotional Torture!!!!

So, I was watching “The West Wing”, a show on the lives of people in the White House and the running of the government of USA and it got me thinking, as to why even after 66 years of independence we’re still a developing country and not a developed country. Ask anyone and they’d tell you “It’s the damned government”. And they’re right. It is the damned government. But ask them if they voted this year, and you get answers like “Who’s got the time or state of mind for this kind of stuff?” and “They’re all hooligans. No matter who we vote for. So why bother.”

Here’s a question about democracy that was asked on the show by a NASA employee to the Deputy Chief of Staff (to the President) –

If the theory of democracy is that the people have the most direct connection to officials at the most local level, how come everyone can name the president but no one knows who their assemblymen is?

The answer given was, “Complacency — who knows? That’s like asking why the sky’s blue?” Continue reading “Politics… Really?”