Politics… Really?

Politician: I’ll give you food, clothing and a roof.
Beggar: Oh this Emotional Torture!!!!

So, I was watching “The West Wing”, a show on the lives of people in the White House and the running of the government of USA and it got me thinking, as to why even after 66 years of independence we’re still a developing country and not a developed country. Ask anyone and they’d tell you “It’s the damned government”. And they’re right. It is the damned government. But ask them if they voted this year, and you get answers like “Who’s got the time or state of mind for this kind of stuff?” and “They’re all hooligans. No matter who we vote for. So why bother.”

Here’s a question about democracy that was asked on the show by a NASA employee to the Deputy Chief of Staff (to the President) –

If the theory of democracy is that the people have the most direct connection to officials at the most local level, how come everyone can name the president but no one knows who their assemblymen is?

The answer given was, “Complacency — who knows? That’s like asking why the sky’s blue?” Continue reading “Politics… Really?”


“Will you marry me?” OR “Will your daughter marry my son?”

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This is not a post for winning the Indiblogger contest. This post is a desperate attempt on my part to come out of the “writer’s block” that I have been facing recently. This topic by Indiblogger just got my thoughts running and got my fingers typing. But since the good people at Sony entertainment are giving out free hampers for every valid entry, the Indian or should I say the “Malayali” in me got greedy.

Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage?

As far as I’m concerned, one should only marry another person if they love each other. I’m a bit iffy on the whole concept of love (how there is no love between two people, just caring and compatibility), but that’s a whole different story.

Now, coming to the “love” marriage part. If two people believe they are “in-love”, and can bear each other for the rest of their lives, then I believe they should marry each other. And like Aamir Khan, so powerfully suggested in Satyameva Jayate, any person after they reach the adulthood age (so prescribed by the government), can marry anyone they like. And I believe in it. If you are happy in a relationship, then no matter what the society thinks or (I’ll go a bit bolder and say) no matter what your parents say, it’s your life! You are absolutely free to do anything. And I personally don’t think any parent can be unforgiving, if at all they think you are committing a mistake.

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Good Night | Good Morning – A Review

Good Night | Good Morning

Good Night | Good Morning

Remember “Making Conversation”? I expressed my views that conversations with strangers may turn out to be the best conversation a person may have! And well, Hollywood has no dearth of movies to prove my point, but now there’s an Indian film and by Indian, I do NOT mean Bollywood.

No, sir! The movie I’m talking about gives the Bollywood masala flicks a slap on the face (And I’m being modest here).  This film transcends the highly (read unbelievable let alone plausible) action packed, punch dialogue filled stuff that Indian films has to offer.

Agreed, there have been films like Kahaani, The Girl in the Yellow Boots (in recent times) and Mr. and Mrs.Iyer, and a very few more (in the not-so-recent  times), but this film has been the most conversation oriented film so far, according to me.

And after building up so much about it, the film I’m talking about is “Good Night | Good Morning” by Sudhish Kamath, who I must say has done a wonderful job. It is an independent film, that runs on the lines of “Before Sunrise” (God! I’ve to see that again!), “Before Sunset”, “The Sunset Limited”, “A Lot Like Love”, Woody Allen movies and many more.

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Happy Women’s Day… or NOT!

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Why do you need a special day to celebrate your womanhood? You don’t see us having Man Day? (Man day? Kind of sounds like Monday… Boy! That sucks!) Don’t we need to celebrate our Manhood?

Here’s the difference between man and woman (confining strictly to celebrating sexes, of course). We, men, celebrate our manhood whenever we feel like. Be it a weekend, or if a game is on, or any reason or no reason at all, men can and do go to bars, have a few drinks or maybe lay back on their couches and enjoy the game, or maybe catch up on other manly activities such as renovate houses, reinstate furniture, repair a car, etc.

We do not need a special day to these kinds of stuff. What boggles me is, women need a special day for themselves, to do… what?  What is it that you do on this day that you cannot do on any other day? Why is there such a day to begin with? Just so that women can slack off from work they don’t do otherwise?

Now before you come up with “women oppression” and “equal rights for women”, which I know many of you will, here’s my answer. If you are equal to us, you do not need this day. If you are equal to us, you do not need the ‘special’ reservation in anything. You give up these and other ‘special treatments’, and then and only then do you have the right to equality. Continue reading “Happy Women’s Day… or NOT!”

Letter to a Pen-pal…

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Dear MNO,

I know it’s been a while since I wrote to you. Everything is fine here. Hope you are doing well. How is your leg? The last time you wrote to me, it was from the hospital. Remember? You were foolish enough to not only climb up a mango tree, and fall from it too! This is what a craze of mangoes could do to you.

Well, I hope you recuperated well enough. Everything is fine here. I guess I already wrote that, huh? Classes in college suck! But I guess I have my fun with my class-mates and my friends. The reason I classify them in that manner is that they are different. I look at my classmates as my classmates and my friends as my friends. Not that my classmates are not my friends, they are, but the thing is I cannot talk to them the way I chat with my friends.

When you’re my friend, you’re my friend. I’ll tell you everything about me. You’ll know my deepest secrets. I’ll trust you with my life. Now that’s friendship. I don’t share that kind of a bond with my classmates. I hope you understand what I’m rambling about.

And hey, before I forget, I’m also sending you some mangoes and strawberries. Hope they reach you safe and sound as fruits, and not as fruit pulp.

My younger brother just saw me writing this letter. He made some snide remark about writing letters in this ‘modern age’. What is this modern age, really? Does it mean that I should not do something I like to do, just because it is inconvenient? I mean, I love writing letters, and especially when it is to someone special like you. And I wonder whether he even knows what a postage stamp is. Ah Well, I pity my brother and his friends. They have no idea what they are missing out on. I mean, it is one thing to miss out on writing letters and waiting for their reply but to not have someone to share their feelings with, now that’s just pathetic.

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Replacing Replacements with Replacements

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“Why is your laptop so slow?” My .Net instructor asked me.

“Well it’s mainly because… well because… because I… how do you know it’s slow? I mean ‘slow’ is a relative term, right? What if my laptop’s speed has been the same ever since I bought it? You don’t know!”

“Yeah well, it is slower than my laptop…”

“That’s because… I’ve got no memory space left on my hard disk…Aha!!”

“And why is that? I thought you had a 1 TB external hard drive.”

“I do. And that is full too.”

“Are you kidding me? Nah, it can’t be.”

“It is!! And my laptop is full with games, movies and stuff.”

“Yeah! I can see that! What’s on your external?”

“Games and movies and…stuff…”

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Shopping Thrills

Remember the time when the only shopping that you ever did was during fairs and festivals. Gone are the days when shopping was restricted to the confines of markets and the occasional walk-by of the local “vegetable-man” pushing his cartload of vegetables across the street.

We’ve not only ushered in the era of the supermarkets /mega markets, we’ve also welcomed it with open arms. Every village dreams of a supermarket and every town has one. Cities have more mega markets than playgrounds and metropolitan cities have more than enough.

I still remember the times when I loved going to the market just to see my father bargain the price every single product the poor vendor had to sell. I miss the “tricks of the trade” and “the tactics” that both the buyer and the seller offer to complete a transaction.

Each believes themselves to be wiser and cunning than the other. It used to be almost like a battle, where one has to plan out strategies according to the circumstances and the surroundings.

The buyer bargains and brings down the price to half the original and feels like he’s the winner, while the seller sells the product at half the quoted price and still makes a profit.

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