Cherishing Blogger Awards…

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Wondering where I was, the past week? No? Well, I bet you are now! Since, I planted that question on your brain/mind. This is how much I love to manipulate people. I digress.

Anyways, I was sick for the last two – three days. Yeah, I had a cold at first. You know, the common one. And then, the coughing began. Then came the wheezing, and the retching. And then one fine morning, I woke up, and felt excruciating pain over my right eye.

Is it just me, or was that a sign of impending danger from Voldemort? When I did come to my senses, later on, I realised that since my parents were very much alive and can pretty much deny any contact with the Dark Lord whatsoever, it must be something else. And as it turns  out, it was.

Apparently, the mucus  (yuck!) from my nose had lodged somewhere in my head, presumably over my right eye and that explained the pain. No wonder, I thought about Voldemort at that time, my head was occupied by mucus!

And well, two days of steaming my face off (you see what I did there?), drinking horrible tasting cough syrup and practically turning my nose inside out every half hour, later, my condition got better.

And by better I mean, good enough to check my blogs and stuff, without having to clean my keyboard of mucus and spit.

And what better welcoming gift can I get than two blog awards for my blog! I will post them later on, but as of now, I’m very thankful to each of my presenters for even liking my blog, let alone considering it for an award. Continue reading “Cherishing Blogger Awards…”


Inception Of Words

Waking Life

I just saw this movie “Waking Life” which is an excellent movie, by the way, and in it I found this particular part, where they speak about the language and words, quite intriguing. To quote Waking Life:

“It’s always our decision, who we are. Creation seems to come out of imperfection. It seems to come out of a striving and a frustration. And this is where I think language came from… I mean, it came from our desire to transcend our isolation… and have some sort of connection with one another.”

And I find it so true! I mean, it was the very need to fulfil man’s loneliness, his emptiness that he created language. And I also love to imagine the first guy to speak just blabbering stuff and using sign language. I mean, I always picture a caveman just going bonkers with his club and trying to tell the caveman in front of him to stop screwing with his wife!

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Of Back-Benchers and Mobile Internet…

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It was a regular day in class. And when I say regular, I mean, boring. Staff coming in, saying stuff no one really gives a damn about, asking questions no one knows the answers to, scolding, advising, face-palming at the ignorance and alleged arrogance of the students and finally going back in utter dismay. Then, the next ‘teacher’ comes in and repeats the cycle.

But usually, we back benchers have something better to do with ourselves. We draw, we write, we create poetry, we craft out 3d cartoons, in-fact, the back-benchers of any class are supposed to be the creative bunch of the whole class. The fastest and the greatest minds are that of the back-benchers.

“The best brains of the nation may be found on the LAST BENCHES of the classroom”

-APJ Abdul Kalam

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