Freedom To Be An Atheist

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Today is Independence Day. The day India, as a country, got freedom 70 years ago. Sure, we got freedom from the British colonialists. But are we free?
I got the idea for this post from a social media tag that translates to what freedom means for me. It was suggested that I post pictures with the hashtag #Azaaadi4me. But instead of posting pictures, I decided to go with this post. Maybe I’ll post a screenshot of this post with the same tag.

Freedom for me is the freedom to be an atheist. I am an atheist, there’s no doubt about that. But am I free to be one? Incidentally, today is also janmashtami or krishna jayanti. As I replace the capitalized words, krishna and jayanti, I think of how ingrained the concept of god is.  Continue reading “Freedom To Be An Atheist”


Politics… Really?

Politician: I’ll give you food, clothing and a roof.
Beggar: Oh this Emotional Torture!!!!

So, I was watching “The West Wing”, a show on the lives of people in the White House and the running of the government of USA and it got me thinking, as to why even after 66 years of independence we’re still a developing country and not a developed country. Ask anyone and they’d tell you “It’s the damned government”. And they’re right. It is the damned government. But ask them if they voted this year, and you get answers like “Who’s got the time or state of mind for this kind of stuff?” and “They’re all hooligans. No matter who we vote for. So why bother.”

Here’s a question about democracy that was asked on the show by a NASA employee to the Deputy Chief of Staff (to the President) –

If the theory of democracy is that the people have the most direct connection to officials at the most local level, how come everyone can name the president but no one knows who their assemblymen is?

The answer given was, “Complacency — who knows? That’s like asking why the sky’s blue?” Continue reading “Politics… Really?”

October Rain

So it’s raining cats and dogs here! My prayers have been answered! I feel jubilation and excitement, standing on the terrace doorway and just watching the heavens open up, holding a cup of hot coffee with my iPod plugged into my ears.

Just as I was marvelling at the beauty of the downpour, I had an epiphany. I thought of getting drenched. I ran down, kept my iPod and coffee mug, locked my room and ran upstairs and into the rain.

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I miss the rains….

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It has been 7 years since I lived in Mumbai. The one thing I miss the most is the rains. Now, I’m not trying to be all poetic and all, but Mumbai rains are different. And different good. Maybe it’s because of the pollution or the population; I really don’t know what it is. Just sitting on my balcony, listening to the pitter-patter and reading a book is something that I miss, really badly. The icing on the cake would’ve been if I had a cup of coffee, to top it all off.

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Well since I am in the reminiscing mood, I’d also like to reminisce about vada-pavs, paani-puris and pav-bhajis.

Man! I do miss Mumbai!!



For those of you who really miss the rains go to this website and close your eyes. Trust me, it’s the best feeling you’ll ever have!

‘SIT’ – ‘CON’dition

This is just so wrong…so wrong…in so many ways..on so many levels.
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Do you know what distinguishes the entire Indian subcontinent from the ‘western world’? Of course, apart from the fact that they are much more civilised, advanced, and developed. The one thing that I noticed about their way of living is their disrespect for the ground. You read right, disrespect.

Did you ever notice that they never sit on the ground? While we consider ‘Mother Earth’ to be divine and ‘pure’, they have absolutely nothing but resent for the terra firma. All our ‘holy’ ceremonies are conducted on the earth that we stand on. But the only response to a person sitting/laying/doing anything but standing on the floor from a ‘westerner’ is “Get you a** of the floor.”

We conduct marriages sitting down. Right from the birth of a child, his ‘naming ceremony’ (which is an utter waste of time, according to me, but more on that later), and all his rituals are conducted on the ground. While the westerners (I don’t know why I keep saying that, although the world is round, well an elliptical sphere, but still you get the idea), have their marriages/weddings in  a church, wearing their Sunday best, not to mention standing up, we prefer doing it in front of a fire on the ground sitting down in our dhotis/mundus.

For them, sitting down automatically implies, on a chair. You ask an Indian to sit down, and he WILL sit DOWN! He will sit on the ground with crossed legs as if lunch is about to be served. The only time you’d ever find a European or an American do it is if they are practising yoga, which is India’s national exercise, apparently.

And don’t even get me started on the way the Indian sub-continent does do-do and wee-wee. But I can make my peace with that, since the Indian government doesn’t have enough funds to build a European-style toilet in every home. But to those who prefer to use the Indian method, which, by the way, is far less sanitary and highly ridiculous, I just want to ask this – WHY? Continue reading “‘SIT’ – ‘CON’dition”

The Lungi Conundrum

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I’m in Kerala, right now, attending to the chores and rituals of the pre-wedding/pre-marital of my dear cousin. And it is because of this predisposition that I was away from my dear blog. But, the awesome guy that I am, I found just enough time in between the engagement and the wedding, and all the hazy hastiness that surrounds me, to come up with a post. So, kudos to me!

Now that I’ve praised myself, I can carry on with my post. This is a list of reasons why I hate wearing a ‘lungi’. Now, for those who are unaware of ‘the lungi’ (Scientific name = ‘mundu’), the lungi is a piece of cloth, usually cotton, 220×115 dimensions, and is worn around the waist like a skirt, minus the puffiness. In Kerala, lungis are open, in contrast to those in Bengal or Tamil Nadu, which are tube-like and one has to hop into them and then tighten them.

Now for the staple food of South India… Just Kidding. Enough with the geography class already!

Even though it seems like what a woman would wear for an underskirt, it really is manly. Apparently, the ‘madaki kuthu’ move conveys more emotions than classical dancers do. Anyways, the feminine aspect of wearing a skirt-like object is the least of my worries. Well, not the least, but still.

Reasons why I don’t like wearing lungi: Continue reading “The Lungi Conundrum”

Cherishing Blogger Awards…

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Wondering where I was, the past week? No? Well, I bet you are now! Since, I planted that question on your brain/mind. This is how much I love to manipulate people. I digress.

Anyways, I was sick for the last two – three days. Yeah, I had a cold at first. You know, the common one. And then, the coughing began. Then came the wheezing, and the retching. And then one fine morning, I woke up, and felt excruciating pain over my right eye.

Is it just me, or was that a sign of impending danger from Voldemort? When I did come to my senses, later on, I realised that since my parents were very much alive and can pretty much deny any contact with the Dark Lord whatsoever, it must be something else. And as it turns  out, it was.

Apparently, the mucus  (yuck!) from my nose had lodged somewhere in my head, presumably over my right eye and that explained the pain. No wonder, I thought about Voldemort at that time, my head was occupied by mucus!

And well, two days of steaming my face off (you see what I did there?), drinking horrible tasting cough syrup and practically turning my nose inside out every half hour, later, my condition got better.

And by better I mean, good enough to check my blogs and stuff, without having to clean my keyboard of mucus and spit.

And what better welcoming gift can I get than two blog awards for my blog! I will post them later on, but as of now, I’m very thankful to each of my presenters for even liking my blog, let alone considering it for an award. Continue reading “Cherishing Blogger Awards…”