Happy Women’s Day… or NOT!

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Why do you need a special day to celebrate your womanhood? You don’t see us having Man Day? (Man day? Kind of sounds like Monday… Boy! That sucks!) Don’t we need to celebrate our Manhood?

Here’s the difference between man and woman (confining strictly to celebrating sexes, of course). We, men, celebrate our manhood whenever we feel like. Be it a weekend, or if a game is on, or any reason or no reason at all, men can and do go to bars, have a few drinks or maybe lay back on their couches and enjoy the game, or maybe catch up on other manly activities such as renovate houses, reinstate furniture, repair a car, etc.

We do not need a special day to these kinds of stuff. What boggles me is, women need a special day for themselves, to do… what?  What is it that you do on this day that you cannot do on any other day? Why is there such a day to begin with? Just so that women can slack off from work they don’t do otherwise?

Now before you come up with “women oppression” and “equal rights for women”, which I know many of you will, here’s my answer. If you are equal to us, you do not need this day. If you are equal to us, you do not need the ‘special’ reservation in anything. You give up these and other ‘special treatments’, and then and only then do you have the right to equality.

I mean I can make peace with the men holding out doors for women, sharing their coats, holding out chairs and all (It’s just us being gentlemen), but at least have the decency to reach out to pay, show that you care, for crying out loud. Have you ever wondered women get called beautiful, sophisticated and tons of other stuff but have you ever heard someone go “Oh she’s such a gentlewoman” or “Thank you kind lady”? (This one I got from one of the best conversations with a fellow blogger).

I think, and it is my personal belief alone, that men do get raped as often as women do. It’s just that they think about what happened, realize that it was not that bad, and then keep quiet about it. Women on the other hand, go out and reprimand the guy who did it (I’m NOT saying that they should not do it. And I’m NOT on the side of the rapist in either case.) All I’m trying to say is that, that is probably why you don’t hear a lot about guys getting raped, on the media. Guys are either, way more scared to admit they’ve been raped by a woman or like I said, they realise that it wasn’t so bad and keep mum.

I know most of you would be thinking I wouldn’t understand how it felt, unless I go through it. And you are right! I don’t know what it feels like and that is exactly why I’m all ears to anyone who cares enough to change my thought process.

Anyhow, my point is, there is no specific reason for this day. How many types of  ‘days’ do you want? You’ve got Mother’s day, Sister’s day (RakshaBandhan),Children’s Day, Friendship day, Valentines’ day and Teachers’ day. What more of a relationship do you share with a girl, that you need a special day to congratulate her on her womanhood?

It is a totally different story in places where women are actually oppressed. In those places, if this day is the only ray of hope for women to be free and get in touch with her feminine side (woman who work hard labour), then I’m all for it! Now these women are the ones that need upliftment from the cruelties of life.

Anyways, bending to social constraints, to all my female readers, who for some unforeseen reason seems to be in abundance (I’m NOT complaining)

Happy Women’s Day! Congratulations on being a woman! (Like you had something to do with it!)

P.S I know Women’s day is tomorrow, but tomorrow is kind of reserved for Holi!


57 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day… or NOT!

  1. Wow,major collision inside my brain. So many things to say at the same time.
    First of all – “one of the best conversations with a fellow blogger” YAY!
    secondly – u sly dog u, u took advantage of the fact that all your readers’ are women and wrote a post that wud irk them atleast to some extend.
    Thirdly – Dude, Wtf? “they think about what happened, realize that it was not that bad, and then keep quiet about it.” Really? Are men really that insensitive?
    Fourthly -I guess women feel the need to be appreciated way more than men does. I mean why is it that women are the ones who frequently receive flowers and chocs on Valentine’s day and not the men? i mean its a day to celebrate love,no? So should be both ways, right? Its like how you don’t need a special day to appreciate your mom (Mother’s day), but a lot of us tend to take her for granted on all the other days. Its like a wake-up call.


    1. 1. True Story!
      2. Well, what else could this poor comment-loving blogger do?
      3. Oh yeah, give one better reason as to why you’ve seldom heard of female rapists or male prostitutes?
      4. Exactly my point!! Why should men do all the work? And well on mother’s day you can take care of her for all that she’s done for you through the year. And I agree it is a wake up call. But women’s day? What do we thank you/ congratulate you/ feel grateful to you/ even wish you for? It’s nothing! The best wish anyone can give is the one that I’ve given above.


      1. 3. what about men raping men? would that be considered “not that bad” too? And a raped woman, there is the whole thing of being a social stigma.
        You know wat? I’m feel really bad about commenting about this part of ur post cos neither you nor I have gone thru the real thing. So it would be real insensitive of us to say the things we say based on assumptions. So, im gonna shut up bout that right here.
        4. “the men holding out doors for women, sharing their coats, holding out chairs and all (It’s just us being gentlemen),” Why do men do all the work? U said do urself, just being gentlemen 🙂 And its not a day for men to call and congratulate and wish and blah. Its W-O-M-E-N’s day. You’re not even in the picture. Its their day to indulge in themselves. Its your day to leave them alone. 😛


        1. 1. men raping men? No it won’t be considered “not that bad”! But then again, there is the shame and the hesitancy to express it outside! And you are right, we are not experienced to talk about it, but still we can voice our assumptions. It’s kind of like when you talk about politics, you don’t stand for elections, but still talk about it. Same with animal cruelty, too.
          2. “Indulge in themselves”?? You need a day for that? Read the first few lines of my post and look at the nice cartoon, too. What does it say about requiring a special ‘day’ to indulge in yourself? And as far as being gentlemen goes, we do it,all around the year. At least be thankful and we are all for leaving you alone. It’s the aftermath that we are afraid of!!


          1. Oh no! I love women! Like some great man once said ‘Women – can’t live with them, can’t live without them’

            It’s just the whole Hoopla about Women’s day that I don’t get!


          2. ok so u don’t hate women. I just gathered from your post and from your comments that you don’t think a great deal about them. As in that you don’t respect them quite as much as the next person. I may be wrong. Still, a pity.


          3. Oh no, no, no, I respect them a lot! I’ve got tons of friends who are women. I fight with almost all of them but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect them! It’s just some parts, like Women’s day, that I don’t get. Maybe it’s because I don’t understand something sinister that the woman community is planning or something but just these parts that I pick on my friends.


  2. Ok and here’s another thought. U mentioned all those other days where women get to celebrate. What if she isn’t a mother, or hasn’t got one, or isn’t a sister, or isn’t a better half or teacher. They don’t have Human Being’s day do they? I’d say well I’ve atleast got Women’s day for myself.
    I had completely forgotten its women’s day tomo, btw until i read ur post. Doesn’t speak much bout my womanhood does it? 😛


    1. Well if you don’t have or are not a mother, and you’re not a sister or a teacher, at least you’ve got friends or a valentine. Celebrate the rest of the days! And it’s not necessary for you to be a mother or a sister to celebrate it. You can celebrate it with anyone you consider as your ‘mother’ or sister!

      And see, you forgot because it’s not important! That’s how insignificant this day is!


      1. Pfft, ur just jealous there is no Men’s day..
        And I’d forgotten cos I have nothing to do all day everyday. Weekends itself don’t make a difference to me. But there are women who slog day in day out without a second to themselves, but only for their careers, husbands and kids. Don’t u think they deserve a day to just being a woman and not a mom or a wife or an employee?


        1. We don’t need a Men’s day!! You read the whole post and you didn’t get that?

          Men work too! And you don’t see us whining for a Men’s day to be a Man and not a father or a husband or an employee.


  3. “We, men, celebrate our manhood whenever we feel like. Be it a weekend, or if a game is on, or any reason or no reason at all, men can and do go to bars, have a few drinks or maybe lay back on their couches and enjoy the game,”
    U may not agree but women don’t have the same luxury as men, to celebrate their womenhood on just any random day. Why? Because they’re too busy picking up after you men.


    1. Why pick up after us? Okay this is turning into a classic tu-tu-mein-mein thing! We need a third or a fourth opinion! And just for the record, you are free to celebrate the luxuries of life on any day you want!


  4. why pick up after u?? cos most men are incapable of doing it themselves!
    can i ask u a totally unrelated question? How old are u? like really. I’m just asking. Totally unrelated.


    1. What if we don’t want to be… picked up? picking up? whatever… what if we don’t want it?

      Yeah right! Totally unrelated! Well I am around 22! I won’t tell you exactly but it’s in the ball park!


  5. u’d cease to exist if u didnt have women taking care of u. don’t try to deny that.

    and ur younger than 22. on that side of 22. just temme if im right or wrong.


  6. Older ones not so much cos they don’t really get my sort of humour and maturity level.
    And based on the chat-a-thon, do u think ur older or younger?


    1. Well I’d like to think I do get your “sort of humor”, which makes me either younger or your age.

      But judging by the picture, you look like a 15 year old with a doll!! So I don’t know… and frankly it doesn’t matter as long as we have fun!


  7. hahaha that pic was taken a long time ago.. and i think i am close to 15 or sumthin only in it. add ten yrs to that and BAM!
    ok ok ten plus 15 months. 😛


    1. I’m so sorry about that too. But seriously, it came as a total surprise!

      And this is a first for me! Usually all my friends are either my age or a year or two elder. Not more than that! And it was fun how we connected! Even I thought like you did, that I’m better with younger girls, guess I’m okay with elder ones too. I am okay, right?


  8. hahaha ur okay wen ur not talkin bout women 😛
    no, but yeah ur cool only. And I don’t fit in the proper description of “older woman” anyhow. I have the mental capacity of a 4 yr old. And also remember that awesome comment of urs about my blog that i honoured? so how grown up can i be anyway? 😛


    1. That’s because you’re a woman!

      And yeah! I mean, I really meant that! And that’s what I said, you don’t look your age, you don’t act your age and you don’t even blog your age! So you may be as old as you like but always remain a kid at heart! And I guess that’s all that matters!

      And thank God, you think I’m cool!

      Oh and just to be clear, you do not want me calling you chechi and all, do you? Because that’ll be super weird and I don’t mind if you want me to…


        1. No! I was serious! I mean I’m probably cool with all my friends but sadly, I was never friends with someone older than me! And that’s why I wanted to know your take.

          Take it like this, Would I be cool, if I remained the same till I am your age? It gives me an insight!


    1. 3 year old niece, huh? Wow! They end up saying the stupidest things, don’t they!

      And let me ask you something, you really climbed a tree at your age? It’s been on my mind ever since I knew your age. And wearing a skirt!?! Military missions are simpler!


  9. yeah sometimes, but she’s not stupid..
    and OMG u really do want me to kick u do u? I’m not 62! i am still very capable of climbing anything. in skirt or in sari or anything at all. bloddy phool! >:-/


    1. oops sorry for the late reply… I was suddenly drenched in water in the name of Holi!

      No! you got it all wrong! I was impressed by the fact that you not only climbed a tree, wearing a skirt while doing that! That’s all!


  10. oh. like thaaaaaaaat.. yes yes, it is very impressive. It would’ve been even more impressive if I hadn’t fallen too 😦

    Happy Holi!!! U don’t think thats an insignificant celebration as well do ya?


    1. Happy Holi to you too!!

      It’s still pretty impressive that you managed the climb!

      And No I don’t think this is insignificant. Although why they welcome the spring season with colors is still a mystery. Better than firecrackers but still.
      How was your Holi?


    1. That was so “in the face”! Subtle mention! 😉

      And you made me reminisce the golden times! Totally agree with you on everything. Especially the photo album thing! I still remember, every time someone comes over, the photo album is out and everyone is looking at naked pictures of me (when I was a baby of course) and going “You look so cute”!


  11. haha i like how u said “i’m coming over to ur blog right now”

    and buahahhaha.. payback time..ok so the mention wasnt subtle.. its wasnt planned..just came out..
    and the photo album thing, yeah totally,no? now they comment it on fb.. so impersonal. 😦


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