The Better Half

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Tonight was the big night. Richard had waited so long for this. Emily had finally said “yes”. He prepared the bed, fluffed the pillows and readied the mattress. He went over to the cupboard and brought the red velvet sheets. He thought about the woman he was going to make love to, as he spread the sheets. He went into the living room, opened the second drawer of his dresser and picked up the bouquet. He plucked every single petal off of every rose and flung them onto the velvet covered mattress.

Then he went over to the mirror on the wall and slid it upwards. It came right out of its frame. He took the small video camera out of the frame on the wall, checked it and placed it back in. This was going to make him rich. These kinds of tapes, if authentic, could cost millions and he knew it. Tonight was special.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Richard baby, I’m so sorry dear. I will be a bit late, honey.” It was Emily.

“Oh, ok. Why? What happened? ” He was disappointed, still didn’t give up hope.

“It’s just this little thing I’ve to take care of at work dear. I’ve got an extra shoot at the set, but don’t worry,
I’ll make it up to you when I get home, sweetie.”

He loved it, when she called him sweetie.

“Oh alright, you naughty girl! How late are you going to be?”

“Umm, just about an hour. Is that okay?”

“Yeah sure dear!”

He heaved a sigh of relief. This was still on. He was still going to be rich, only an hour later. But he could wait. He had waited patiently for so long, what was an hour, compared to that.

He rested on the sofa in the living room.


The door clicked. Samuel woke up with a start. It was Emily.

“Did my honey-bunny doze off waiting for me?” She said in a playful childish voice.

He looked at her with contempt. He was livid. How dare she go out with that loser of a guy?! He had to make her realize, what she had done to him, by going out with Richard.

She went to the bathroom, without giving him a second glance, to freshen up.

He got up and went over to his dresser. He knew what had to be done. This was not his first time. He had struck before, too. This was going to be a piece of cake.

“Oh-My-God! You did this for me?” She had just walked into the bedroom to change.

He did not answer. He walked in behind her. She looked breath-taking in her black negligee. Too bad she had to look so beautiful before it was to be done. He took the .45 colt from behind him, underneath the jacket in the jeans and took aim.

She saw him pointing the revolver at her and tried to scream, but it was too late. The deed had been done. The crime had been committed. Samuel walked away from her apartment into the darkness.


Two days later, the local police came in knocking at the door.

Richard opened the door.

“Richard? Richard Grayson?” the police constable asked.

“Yes? May I help you?” he asked, a bit puzzled. He had gone through the ordeal of answering their questions just yesterday.

“Sir, you are under arrest for the murder of Emily Reyes. You have the right to remain silent and anything you say…”

“What?! That is preposterous! I did not do anything! I already answered all your questions. Now, what is all this
about?” He was confused.

“Sir,” said the constable silently, “In the light of newly found strong evidence, we have proof that you killed Ms.Emily”

“What?! What evidence?” He said, even more confused and bewildered at the sudden turn of events.

The video was taken from the memory chip in the camera, and shown to him. Just as he saw the gruesome killing, he was taken aback and he passed out. It was the last time anyone saw Richard.


It was Samuel who woke up the next day, in the holding cell of the police station, thinking ‘She got what she deserved.’


43 thoughts on “The Better Half

  1. ok hi again.. blah i know i know… i cudnt resist..
    umm about this post… i didn’t understand anything. Richard wanted to make a video tape. Emily did the deed and went back to Samuel. Sam kills Em. Police arrests Richard. shows him tape of the killing, how? vid cam is in richard’s place no? and did police arrest Rich? Wat was Sam doing in police station? Wat the f*** is happening?! And black negligee? cliche much? and honey-bunny? *barf*


    1. Well well well! A warm welcome to you!! 😉

      Okay here’s the bottomline : Sam and Richard are the same guy! Multiple personality disorder!

      Now read the whole thing again!

      And one more thing, this is what you get when you watch not-normal-people movies! 😉


      1. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh… ok so do anyone really get that without u tellin em bout the multiple personality thing? cos i reeeally wudnt have. maybe u shud add it as note at the bottom.
        and oh please, you get this if u read enuff Sidney Sheldon and watch a particular tamil movie or another particular awesome mal movie.


        1. No, I want the readers to understand it all by themselves. Is it really that hard?

          I love Sidney Sheldon! But I was talking about movies like ‘Identity’…which really blows your mind! And what tamil movie? And what MAL movie?


  2. I seriously didn’t get it… but maybe thats just me.
    and i havent seen Identity. And which tamil and mal movie? I don’t think there was more than one movie in each lang dealing with multi-personalities.


    1. Yeah…you see that is the difference between English movies and Malayalam/Tamil movies… In english movies, the whole movie is dark and serious. When you go for a dark movie you get a dark movie.

      But in other, there’s always comedy, romance, songs and dance…


        1. Of course I liked manichitratazu… and I like songs and dance and comedy too… but not when you go for a intense, dark movie! I really liked the base story of manichitratazhu… and well some dance and songs were necessary i guess, but not with anniyan. The lady love element was totally unnecessary! It was just to give the film a masala twist.
          With english movies, you know what you are going to watch. If you pay for a comedy movie, you watch a comedy. It’s not the same with regional films, that’s all i’m saying!


          1. I love Manichitratazhu. Ive seen it so many times i can actually saw the dialogues before they do. And I’ve seen Anniyan thrice. 😛 I mean ok so its a kinda corny movie but i loooooooooooove masala movies. You know with the whole hero walkin in slow mo and dishum-dishum n everythin. Gives me goosebumps. I’m the clap and whistle in the theater type. U can’t do that with english movies. Though I do love many english movies too. And I agree with u though. About watchin payin for comedy movie n watchin comedy. But i know some old mal movies that were just out and out comedy without any drama. Ok songs ll b there. But still.


          2. Hahaha yeah I got that from one of your posts or your ‘About me’… I don’t remember…

            And yeah! I like the movie for what it is made. Even though, I liked the comedy part in manichitratazhu especially the kindey one, but the whole story was fascinating and that’s what made me like the film more than anything.
            And anniyan was just okay… Didn’t like the story, the acting or anything except for the MPD thing! 😉


          3. yeah but i adore all of Priyadarshan’s old old movies… the ones made when u were still in diaper… The absolute classics..


          4. Oh yeah!! The good old times when you were young! Can yoou even remember those days? 😉

            And yeah, don’t get me wrong. I like his malayalam movies, it’s his hindi adaptations that I don’t like!


          1. Naah FB spoils all the mystery. Of the hat and otherwise also..
            and ya i know ur not on twitter by this name.. two other ppl r though 😛
            and also im just asking.. no reason.. not stalker..


          2. umm…. ur not gona like wat im bout ta say…but u know how sometimes how girls can get all curious and they do a lil snooping and finally ends up with the jackpot?


          3. uh huh yeah i searched for moustache on twitter and found u…
            haha no i found u on fb.. i knew i said i wudnt… but like i said.. curiosity was killin me.. i just had to know wats under the hat.. i wanted to see only that.. ended up seeing too much. seriously, who posts a pic of them peeing????


          4. Bwahahaha!!! Well who doesn’t!! And boy!! After this comment, I think I’m going to either lose all my lady readers or gain more of them! 😉 😀 and stop stalking me on fb!! ;-P


          5. LOL or gain them?? really?
            sorry ok? i spoiled the whole effect,no?
            but i seriously can’t stop lookin now..yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ooh hey we have sumthin else in common.. me studied in the same place too.. not same college.. same place.


          6. Yeah…I’ve got your CV right infront of me! 😀 I know… and you are from Gulf! you are one of them! Every family has one! Every mal family has at least one relative who’s from the gulf! And in your family, It must be you! 😉


    1. ohohohohoohooooo.. thaaaaaaat… yeah yeah my cv.. very impressive,no? if only half of it were true.. 😛 and yeah no i Was in the Gulf. Not nemore.. and every family having atleast one relative in the gulf is all old-funda.. now have more relative there than here in kerala.


      1. f**K i just realised i havent blurred my address in one of em… eeeeeeeee.. don’t stalk me ok? i mean u can stalk.. just dunt like pop up outside my window without warning.. esp not in white saree


  3. dude dyu like fall unconscious every nite at exactly this hour? cos u suddenly stop speaking at the same time everynite.. i picture someone sneaking up behind u and hitting u on the head with a club. every nite. :-/


    1. Hehehe…no actually the electricity goes at 3-3.10. The rest depends on what I’m doing at the time and how much it affects my laptops battery life. Sad but true. And hitting me on the head with a club?? WOW!! I’ve never been hit in the head with anything. You?


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