Cherishing Blogger Awards…

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Wondering where I was, the past week? No? Well, I bet you are now! Since, I planted that question on your brain/mind. This is how much I love to manipulate people. I digress.

Anyways, I was sick for the last two – three days. Yeah, I had a cold at first. You know, the common one. And then, the coughing began. Then came the wheezing, and the retching. And then one fine morning, I woke up, and felt excruciating pain over my right eye.

Is it just me, or was that a sign of impending danger from Voldemort? When I did come to my senses, later on, I realised that since my parents were very much alive and can pretty much deny any contact with the Dark Lord whatsoever, it must be something else. And as it turns  out, it was.

Apparently, the mucus  (yuck!) from my nose had lodged somewhere in my head, presumably over my right eye and that explained the pain. No wonder, I thought about Voldemort at that time, my head was occupied by mucus!

And well, two days of steaming my face off (you see what I did there?), drinking horrible tasting cough syrup and practically turning my nose inside out every half hour, later, my condition got better.

And by better I mean, good enough to check my blogs and stuff, without having to clean my keyboard of mucus and spit.

And what better welcoming gift can I get than two blog awards for my blog! I will post them later on, but as of now, I’m very thankful to each of my presenters for even liking my blog, let alone considering it for an award. Continue reading “Cherishing Blogger Awards…”


Feels Good To Be Back

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Phew!!! I’m finally done with my exams!! Both internals (read ass-kissing skills) and externals (read story writing skills).

Now that I’m back after the hiatus, I’d like to clear a few things first.

  1. I was not offline for a month by choice. I had no internet connectivity and the very few time that I did spend on my friends’ Wi-Fi was wasted on other petty things (I mean projects and stuff… GROW UP!!).
  2. To all my ardent followers and readers, who kept on coming to my blog just to check for new posts and had to go back dejected, I’m sorry for leaving without so much as a note, but now I’m back, for good, I hope. (Just Kidding and hoping that someone did ACTUALLY miss me.)

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Making Conversation…

“George Costanza with his brilliant idea.”

I was watching Seinfeld (The Pitch, The Ticket s04e03) in which, George Castanza comes up with this seemingly ridiculous idea about a TV series about nothing.

All the show would be was about the talking and conversations in real life. And that is exactly what the writers of Seinfeld did. They created a show about nothing but the day-to-day conversations, the daily activities and the mundane melodrama but with a tinge of humour and thus created one of the greatest sit-coms ever made.

I like the way the people in the show talk to each other, especially George. He says stuff that comes to his mind on the spot. If he thinks about something weird, he says it. His character in the show is the most comic one, according to me of course, because he is quite frank but only to his closest friends. Continue reading “Making Conversation…”

Letter to a Pen-pal…

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Dear MNO,

I know it’s been a while since I wrote to you. Everything is fine here. Hope you are doing well. How is your leg? The last time you wrote to me, it was from the hospital. Remember? You were foolish enough to not only climb up a mango tree, and fall from it too! This is what a craze of mangoes could do to you.

Well, I hope you recuperated well enough. Everything is fine here. I guess I already wrote that, huh? Classes in college suck! But I guess I have my fun with my class-mates and my friends. The reason I classify them in that manner is that they are different. I look at my classmates as my classmates and my friends as my friends. Not that my classmates are not my friends, they are, but the thing is I cannot talk to them the way I chat with my friends.

When you’re my friend, you’re my friend. I’ll tell you everything about me. You’ll know my deepest secrets. I’ll trust you with my life. Now that’s friendship. I don’t share that kind of a bond with my classmates. I hope you understand what I’m rambling about.

And hey, before I forget, I’m also sending you some mangoes and strawberries. Hope they reach you safe and sound as fruits, and not as fruit pulp.

My younger brother just saw me writing this letter. He made some snide remark about writing letters in this ‘modern age’. What is this modern age, really? Does it mean that I should not do something I like to do, just because it is inconvenient? I mean, I love writing letters, and especially when it is to someone special like you. And I wonder whether he even knows what a postage stamp is. Ah Well, I pity my brother and his friends. They have no idea what they are missing out on. I mean, it is one thing to miss out on writing letters and waiting for their reply but to not have someone to share their feelings with, now that’s just pathetic.

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