Just another Oscar post…

Well, there have been a lot of posts on the blog-verse about the coveted “Oscars”, ranging from predictions, movie reviews, polls, discussions, forums and-what-not. Here’s my contribution…

It’s just another post about the Oscars.

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To begin with I haven’t got the opportunity or the time, as of now, to watch all the nominations. So, I won’t be passing out any judgements on the jury’s choices.

Judging the movies by the trailers (feels like saying ‘judging a book by its cover’), I feel the awards did go to the well-deserved, much unlike the Bollywood, Mollywood, Tollywood, awards. The big-shots took a side seat as the “first timers” (Jean Dujardin(The Artist) – first time nominee) as well as the ones with as much as 13 nominations and 2 wins(Meryl Streep(The Iron Lady) – third win) paved the way for generations to come.

Even the much hankered “Best Picture” Award was bagged by “The Artist”, leaving behind “The Descendants”, “Money ball”, “Hugo” and “War Horse” among the others. Even great directors such as Martin Scorsese & Steven Spielberg looked on as Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) bagged the “Best Director”

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All-in-all, the French glittered and sparkled in the Oscars (whopping 5 wins), making their mark with “The Artist” which has been duly added to my watchlist.