Digital Darwinism

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We often complain about technology being too advanced and the technological generation gap between generations, but seldom do we realise that the technology that we have today in India was the technology in more developed countries like the United States or Japan, four to five years ago.

India is, in my opinion, going through a very fast paced technological advancement thanks to globalisation. The main problem though, is that our society is not adapting fast enough. This revolution is sweeping us off our feet and we are nothing but helpless. We see something that is making our lives easier and we want it. What we do not comprehend are the complete ramifications of said technology. Continue reading “Digital Darwinism”


Something About Inspiration


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Inspiration is a funny thing. We all live in our own circles of life. Our work circle, our college circle, our personal space, our family circle and many such individual and not always connected circles. We each experience different things at different circles. Some we find amusing, some we find funny and some we just don’t like. Depending on the mood, experience different things, or maybe even the same things, differently. So basically, our mood dictates what we enjoy. Continue reading “Something About Inspiration”