J for Journalism

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Journalism is defined as the art of keeping journals. Is keeping journals an art, you ask? Yes it is! In order to know what to write and how to put it in a manner that is lucid and coherent. Taking notes is quite different from maintaining a journal. While taking notes, you take down the highlights or skim over the unimportant parts. Journals are filled with information. Whether it is important or not.

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I for Indolence and Insomnia


lazy-catWith my recent performance at blogging, it is safe to say that I’ve lived up to my name. I am indolent, which is proved my lack of want to think up and/or write up new ideas. I am an insomniac, which can be seen through the crazy stuff I’ve been posting recently. Well, insomnia may not be the only cause, but it is one of the major causes. Coffee may have a huge role to play in the craziness. But higher doses of coffee is known to cause insomnia, so there you go.

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H for Heroes

Everybody asks me, “Who’s your role model?” “Who do you look up to?” and so on. I don’t believe in role-models. Humans are fallible. Everybody commits mistakes and pinning your adoration on one person becomes dicey, when they commit mistakes. It becomes difficult to accept the reality that they too are humans and that they are just as prone to committing mistakes as we are. Why take that risk? This is why I believe in super-heroes. I don’t believe in super-heroes, as in, they are real. But I believe in the decisions and the values they follow. Here are some of the super-heroes and their qualities that I adore.

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G for Game of Thrones

I know this is a cheap shot of a blog post, but when you decide to put me under limitations of time and topics, well it wasn’t you, it was me. So this is actually me being an ass. Anyways keep faith.

The whole world awaits the next episode of Game of Thrones. There are innumerable and ever irritating fans of GoT, and I’m proud to say I am one of them. This series teaches us honor, integrity and will-power among other things.



Anyways more on the series later, because it is already 11:50 pm and I’m supposed to post this before midnight.

Good-bye for now and my heartiest apologies.


F for Fantasy

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My fantasies are often related to grandeur, fame and power. While dreaming, I often find myself in situations where I have to prove my worth intellectually or physically. Of course I end up either humiliating or decapitating my opponent and still remain humble and show sportsmanship by offering the guy some form of respect.

But then again, there are times when I lose and wake up, after suffering a surprising defeat. They are my nightmares. But, Am I afraid of failure in real life? Not really. Very few are afraid of failure, I believe. Most are afraid of what results after you fail. What would others think? What will happen next? And so on… But I don’t really care what others think of me or what’s to come next. All I care about is being better than the other guy. So I need to win to feed my ego.

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E for English

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English – one of my favorite languages. Before I continue praising the language of the invaders of our ancestors, let me tell you that I am a multi-linguist. I can understand and speak, to some extent, Punjabi, Tamil and Marathi, whereas I’m considerably fluent in English, Hindi and Malayalam. Spanish is a language that is being taught to me in class, so there’s a minimal understanding of that.

Of all these languages, I find English the most expressive, the easiest and the most efficient language. Let me explain.

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