Good Night | Good Morning – A Review

Good Night | Good Morning

Good Night | Good Morning

Remember “Making Conversation”? I expressed my views that conversations with strangers may turn out to be the best conversation a person may have! And well, Hollywood has no dearth of movies to prove my point, but now there’s an Indian film and by Indian, I do NOT mean Bollywood.

No, sir! The movie I’m talking about gives the Bollywood masala flicks a slap on the face (And I’m being modest here).  This film transcends the highly (read unbelievable let alone plausible) action packed, punch dialogue filled stuff that Indian films has to offer.

Agreed, there have been films like Kahaani, The Girl in the Yellow Boots (in recent times) and Mr. and Mrs.Iyer, and a very few more (in the not-so-recent  times), but this film has been the most conversation oriented film so far, according to me.

And after building up so much about it, the film I’m talking about is “Good Night | Good Morning” by Sudhish Kamath, who I must say has done a wonderful job. It is an independent film, that runs on the lines of “Before Sunrise” (God! I’ve to see that again!), “Before Sunset”, “The Sunset Limited”, “A Lot Like Love”, Woody Allen movies and many more.

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An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember

“An Affair to Remember”

She came in to my room. Na-uh, she barged into my room and dropped herself on the bed, waking me up.

“Good morning, dear.” I said, rubbing my eyes.

“Wake up, you bozo!” she said, hitting me with her purse.

“What’s up? How come you’re up so early?”

“Okay, We have to talk. Don’t worry, it’s not anything serious.”

“Mm…hmm. I’m listening.” I said, still half-asleep.

“I was watching Dexter yesterday and guess what I realized?” she replied quirkily.

“That, you watching Dexter, is the reason I love you?” I replied, still groggy.

“No! Dumbo!” she said, blushing and pulling the sheet off of me, playfully.

“That we haven’t been on a real date since… WOW! I can’t even remember the last time.”

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Justice League v/s X-Men??

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I was munching down a whole bowl of homemade Act II popcorn over the movie X-Men: First Class, when a sudden thought struck me. I know, it may be a stupid thought but it may also be an extra ordinary idea for a whole movie franchise!

What if the mutants were to fight the superheroes (Justice League and Spiderman)?

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Reminiscing RR…

This is not an obituary. This is not a thank-you note (Although I’m really thankful for everything you ever did for me!). This is more of a “Remember the times…” post where I just want to let out everything I wanted to tell you, everything I felt about you and everything you made me realize, but couldn’t and now it’s too late.

My Teacher

Remember the childhood days when we used to visit every year, during our summer vacations. We used to play Scrabble and we used to fight over made up words and stealing peeks. It meant more to me when I would win or even score a point more than you did, and believe me, I used to read the frikking dictionary and memorize the words so that I can beat you at it! The same goes for the word game that we used to play, where one says a word and the other says the another word that should start with the last alphabet of the previous word, kind of like antakshari  but with words. The number of times we fought over who cheated, who said the word already, and so on. You were the one who made English interesting, long before I actually started reading books (And by books I mean real books like Enid Blyton and Ruskin Bond, not magazines like Champak or comics like Tinkle and Chacha Chaudhari).

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Feels Good To Be Back

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Phew!!! I’m finally done with my exams!! Both internals (read ass-kissing skills) and externals (read story writing skills).

Now that I’m back after the hiatus, I’d like to clear a few things first.

  1. I was not offline for a month by choice. I had no internet connectivity and the very few time that I did spend on my friends’ Wi-Fi was wasted on other petty things (I mean projects and stuff… GROW UP!!).
  2. To all my ardent followers and readers, who kept on coming to my blog just to check for new posts and had to go back dejected, I’m sorry for leaving without so much as a note, but now I’m back, for good, I hope. (Just Kidding and hoping that someone did ACTUALLY miss me.)

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