Feels Good To Be Back

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Phew!!! I’m finally done with my exams!! Both internals (read ass-kissing skills) and externals (read story writing skills).

Now that I’m back after the hiatus, I’d like to clear a few things first.

  1. I was not offline for a month by choice. I had no internet connectivity and the very few time that I did spend on my friends’ Wi-Fi was wasted on other petty things (I mean projects and stuff… GROW UP!!).
  2. To all my ardent followers and readers, who kept on coming to my blog just to check for new posts and had to go back dejected, I’m sorry for leaving without so much as a note, but now I’m back, for good, I hope. (Just Kidding and hoping that someone did ACTUALLY miss me.)

This past month was exciting, informative, exhilarating, enjoyable and put in all the wonderful adjectives that could describe a two person bike ride trip to Bengaluru from Coimbatore (Around 800 kms up and down), an accident which nearly fractured my right hand, a four person trip by car to Kodaikanal, countless numbers of pizzas, a couple of farewell parties, a heart-breaking almost filmy farewell to a special friend (what with the train station good-bye and all) and a hell lot of retrospection and reminiscing over a bottle of chilled *ahem* beverage *ahem ahem*.

Then the CCD read-a-thon, the Bowling extravaganza, the practically useless trip to the airport just to have some coffee, oh dear Lord, I could go on and on and on… I guess I already did, didn’t I?

Well, all in all, it was a great month, and it felt great to be physically doing stuff rather than chat online or do stuff in the virtual world.

Had a good nice trip, both from Delhi to Coimbatore and back. I flew down there by a Sunday flight and hence got a Saturday all by myself to roam, in and around the magnificent city of Delhi. This is what came off of my excursion:

Khan Chacha's
Khan Chacha's Restaurant, Khan Market, Delhi. The ceiling is covered with inverted kebab holders.
Nehru Place 
The ever so crowded Nehru Place, the IT hub of Delhi, on a hot and sultry afternoon.
Dreams Coming True...
Remember the post about sipping coffee... (if not click on this picture). I did it, FINALLY!!
When Coffee and Books Just Don't Work Out...
A mouth watering delicious chocolate brownie again from Costa Coffee, Nehru Place.
The magnificent entrance to the IHC (Indian Habitat Center). The only thing missing was the ominous soft Indian background music.
The first sculpture that you see as you enter the IHC. Its called the "Chandela Rider"
Even though this place is famous for its practicality and usage, I took this snap for its aesthetics only.
A play/dramatized reading of Tabish Khair's work - The one percent Agency. It was comical and thought provoking, based on the small part of rehearsal that I saw. The whole thing must have been mind blowing considering the writer's achievements.

The day after all this I was in Coimbatore at my old room, comfy and warm and fast asleep. The good times rolled and bad times endured. A whole month went by without, as much as, me realizing it.

And on my way back to Delhi, which was by train (2 days, almost), I had the best conversation with a co-passenger, whose name I don’t know, to this day. She had got married 3 years ago and was visiting her parents. She didn’t know much of Tamil or Malayalam, so we started conversing in English with a tinge of Hindi here and there, much to the dismay of other passengers.

We started with train journeys, touched cities and places, cruised through rules and regulations (traffic and railway), endured through politics and finally rested on religion. It was around this time that I found myself talking to… well nobody but myself… because she dozed off in the middle of our conversation!! I was thanking my stars that no one else heard me rant on about how I like certain parts of Christianity more than I like Hinduism.

For the record, I’m agnostic, on the verge of being a full atheist. No amount of persuasion or cajoling is going to change that, because I’m always ready to argue and counter any point you have.

Any-hoo, what my point is, is that I’m back after taking my much needed hiatus from ‘the machines’ and I hope to be here for the foreseeable future. Thanks a lot for being patient with me.


49 thoughts on “Feels Good To Be Back

      1. No no no! U didnt understand.
        I like traveling a lot. But studies bar me. This is the last year of my Btech, so I am thinking of going somewhere for a long trip, not Delhi specifically.. u reinforced my resolution 🙂
        that is what i m talking about. U inspired me to get out of my home 🙂


        1. Oh! Ok! So I inspired you to take a trip! Well travelling is something I love to do!! And I’m happy to inspire as many people as I can to just get out of their usual routines and take a break!
          P.S have a good time, wherever you go!!


  1. Hey welcome back!! It’s always such an awesome feeling to be done with your exams.. and talking about CCD-a-thons, I’ve had many of those after my college exams as well… they always lead to the most amazing fun-filled conversations! 🙂

    BTW you read Arthur Hailey? He’s one of my most favorite authors! Brilliant!


          1. Moneychangers is out of this world too – a book written 40 years ago and tells exactly how a financial meltdown would happen – and it DID happen. hahahahahahah


  2. what is this read-a-thon?!?!?! I didn’t know about it 0_0 also, i wish I could say the line, “to all my ardent readers and followers” too. 😦 and when you said petty things, i automatically imagined farmville. lol.


    1. read-a-thon is where like minded people come together and do nothing but read books. They take breaks, talk, have fun in a rather intellectual manner.
      Hehe…the “ardent readers and followers” was arrogance on my part (or maybe just wishful thinking).
      farmville?? seriously??


  3. u did it! finally 🙂 good for u.. did u actually get any readin done or did u keep lookin at people and say in ur mind “Look at me! I’m reading in a public place. With coffee! how awesome am I!”


      1. hahaha i think the same wen i eat out alone too.. sometimes i whip out my phone and call customer care and pretend to have a really funny conversation so that people don’t think i’m some weird chick who constantly keeps gawking at em..


          1. yeah but i wudn’t really be in a mood for conversation. i mean if i wanted to talk to my friends, i wudn’t b out alone. I’d be out with them,ya? and besides, u can hang up on customer care without offending them.


  4. N u blabbered that girl on the train to sleep??? lol…
    but seriously, wat is it with you and random strangers. especially female strangers? :-/


  5. seeeriously!! ask anyone! Give me a laptop and I can tap away all night long. But put me in front of an actual live person, it would either be too awkward or i’d get too bored. Cos wen ur talkin to someone, u can do only that. as in, when ur talkin online to somebody, u get to watch tv or rearrange ur wardrobe or something as they reply. when ur talkin to sumone face to face, u gotta sit there n look at that person’s face until he or she is done talking. and unless they’re really that great-lookin or wat they’re sayin is mindblowingly awesome, its just too much trouble.


    1. I can understand the convenience of being online rather than be face to face or on the phone, but still the conversation can be made interesting. Like you know, maybe you make fun of someone walking down the street, or you hear a funny noise, you watch tv/a game/random girly serial with them,so that you have something to discuss about.

      And seriously? you rearrange your wardrobe while you talk to someone online? 😀


      1. lol.. ok, the way u just explained that was whoa.. its not like im completely unaware of human interaction in the real sense… i have spoken to people you know ( wow i felt like tarzan when i say that) i’m just sayin there are just a real few number of ppl u really click with.. and u can have an actual fun convo with.. i hate the whole fake, “so how is ur family (though i dunt know them and i also do not give a damn but im just saying stuff cos its better than staring at each other awkwardly) thing.
        and yes, i have done that. and once i’ve also fed the dog and taken a shower and come back to find the guy still talking.


        1. Well, considering the fact the you are as old as he (Tarzan) is, I didn’t realize that! 😉 And yeah, even I hate the family thing. I even make up super successful siblings just to keep up the conversation!

          Hahahahahaha…poor guy! Don’t they notice your absence? Or are they used to talking to themselves?


  6. haha oh really then mr.know-it-all, how old is tarzan? all im saying is that there is so much fake convos going on out there, where ppl ask and talk bout stuff just to fill up silences. none of the words register. then y bother talking at all? just smile and move on. or in some cases, scowl and walk away.
    and no, i think he was telling me bout some old incident.. so it would’ve been rude of me to inturrupt anyway.


    1. Don’t tell me you googled the age of tarzan, didn’t find it and came up with that lame comeback! 😉 any ways, I know that he’s somewhat your age 😉 your actual age plus 20 maybe.

      And yeah, but still, you can hold a conversation without it having to mean anything at all! Like the one I had with the train woman. We talked about all kinds of stuff, almost 60% of which I don’t even remember!


      1. haha i was tempted to google.. but refrained 😛
        hey just imagine wat tarzan wud look like now, if he were still around… he’d probably be swinging from tree to tree on his wheelchair and be sporting a bald spot with fuzzy grey hair all around it…


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