Digital Darwinism

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We often complain about technology being too advanced and the technological generation gap between generations, but seldom do we realise that the technology that we have today in India was the technology in more developed countries like the United States or Japan, four to five years ago.

India is, in my opinion, going through a very fast paced technological advancement thanks to globalisation. The main problem though, is that our society is not adapting fast enough. This revolution is sweeping us off our feet and we are nothing but helpless. We see something that is making our lives easier and we want it. What we do not comprehend are the complete ramifications of said technology. Continue reading “Digital Darwinism”


Something About Inspiration


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Inspiration is a funny thing. We all live in our own circles of life. Our work circle, our college circle, our personal space, our family circle and many such individual and not always connected circles. We each experience different things at different circles. Some we find amusing, some we find funny and some we just don’t like. Depending on the mood, experience different things, or maybe even the same things, differently. So basically, our mood dictates what we enjoy. Continue reading “Something About Inspiration”




It’s a new year. The whole world rejoicing and welcoming the new year. But my feeling – INDIFFERENCE. It’s just another day. Men labelled the rotation and revolution of the earth as time and recorded the time taken for one oscillation and gave it a name. Why is the culmination of one revolution a cause for celebration? Why is it any more important than a rotation? Is it because it doesn’t happen as often as a rotation? What difference does it really make?

I’m like the Grinch to your Christmas, aren’t I? Well I understand the emotional need for man to celebrate, to let go and reasons to believe that his life has meaning. If that comes in forms of new year resolutions to keep and reminiscence of the bygones, then so be it. But I won’t be keeping any resolutions this new year’s, for I am now wiser. I’ve realised that resolutions can be kept at any point of time and I, for one, do not need to be bound by the whole “new year resolution” thing. If I make a promise, it’ll be because I want to and not because I have to. So no more new year resolutions.

As far as reminiscing old times and evaluating your life goes, I do it on a daily to once-in-two-days basis. So, I think I am covered on that front too.

But celebrations – I am all for. A night for friends and family to get together and have fun. That sounds like something that is worth looking forward to. Although, theoretically there is no need for a particular day for that, but practically, it takes a festival to reunite and rejoice. Hoping to have a lot more conversations over coffee and a wonderful time ahead.




I’m in the mood to write something dark. Something abstract, if not dark. Read at your own risk. This will not make you happy. It may even make you sad. So, here goes…

Loneliness engulfs me.

Vulnerable, I do feel.

There is this weakness that surrounds me.

This weakness that I can only hope would culminate in death. Continue reading “Abstract”

J for Journalism

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Journalism is defined as the art of keeping journals. Is keeping journals an art, you ask? Yes it is! In order to know what to write and how to put it in a manner that is lucid and coherent. Taking notes is quite different from maintaining a journal. While taking notes, you take down the highlights or skim over the unimportant parts. Journals are filled with information. Whether it is important or not.

Why am I writing an essay on journalism? Continue reading “J for Journalism”

I for Indolence and Insomnia


lazy-catWith my recent performance at blogging, it is safe to say that I’ve lived up to my name. I am indolent, which is proved my lack of want to think up and/or write up new ideas. I am an insomniac, which can be seen through the crazy stuff I’ve been posting recently. Well, insomnia may not be the only cause, but it is one of the major causes. Coffee may have a huge role to play in the craziness. But higher doses of coffee is known to cause insomnia, so there you go.

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H for Heroes

Everybody asks me, “Who’s your role model?” “Who do you look up to?” and so on. I don’t believe in role-models. Humans are fallible. Everybody commits mistakes and pinning your adoration on one person becomes dicey, when they commit mistakes. It becomes difficult to accept the reality that they too are humans and that they are just as prone to committing mistakes as we are. Why take that risk? This is why I believe in super-heroes. I don’t believe in super-heroes, as in, they are real. But I believe in the decisions and the values they follow. Here are some of the super-heroes and their qualities that I adore.

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