On Being a Man-Child

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I am an engineering college dropout with a recent Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Yeah. Let that sink in. I got campus placed at a company within the city during my college. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I had to intern there before giving my final exams as a part of the curriculum. During that ordeal, I realised that my ideals were comparatively different than those of the company’s. I decided not to further pester the good people of that company and let them be. And therefore, here I am. On the market for a creative albeit lucrative job.

Even though I stand by my decision to leave the job in hand and look for a better one in the bush, pardon the botched adage, my family seems to think of it as the stupidest thing I have done, yet. And judging by my history, that is saying something. But, like I said, I stand by my decision. And here’s the philosophy behind it. Good Gracious! I sound grown up.

Everything I do, or rather, everything we do, we do for self-satisfaction. Everything. You may justify something as doing for others’ benefit, but their happiness gives you happiness ergo you did it for you. Wondering where you’ve heard this before? Joey Tribbiani. ‘Nuff said, right? While almost everything that comes out of his mouth is pretty much a moo point, this was something that agrees with me. And profoundly so. I’ve been known to digress.

So, going by that sound philosophy, I was not happy there. Why would I continue at a place where I am not happy? At the risk of sounding like a child, would you work at a place where you’re not happy if you had a choice? Ah, he didn’t say anything about having a choice, did he? Well then of course not… right? I made a choice to work at some place where I could be happy. Maybe I was wrong to leave a well-paying job for a probability. Maybe I was running away from facing hardships towards a dreamland of everlasting euphoria. Maybe. On some level. I’ll never know.

My justification is manifold. I got the job too easily, I believe. I, quite naturally, took it for granted. There was zero scope for learning or growth. It was as if I was a content writer at a rug manufacturing company. Of the two months that I did go there, I made a grand total of zero friends. I couldn’t talk to half of the people there, because they wouldn’t understand a word I was saying. Also, the other half, who could understand, seemed to have eclectic interests. I felt out of place, I felt as if I didn’t belong. Like Superman, when the world came to know of his powers. All of this may seem as excuses or immaturity, but I was deeply affected or maybe not as affected as one should be. And even though leaving the job meant spending the next month or so at home, I was willing to take the plunge.

I am a highly optimistic being. I tend to look at the bright side of things. So far it has only got me good results and therefore, I do not intend to stop. I got enough time to rejuvenate myself, rehabilitate my mind and body and now, I believe I am ready to work. This little vacation was an eye opener in more ways than one. If nothing, it has at least got me thinking about working and earning and has taught me to dream of other things than superpowers and coffee rivers. Maybe I am a child. Bah, who cares? I am going to work soon.



5 thoughts on “On Being a Man-Child

  1. You chose to do what you wanted to do at any cost…that itself is not easily digestible to most people. Well, you have your chance now. Go ahead and prove everyone wrong. All the best! Keep us posted, will you? ☺


  2. Mahn!! It takes a lot of courage to drop out of engineering course (which is considered the best because apparently you get salary in lakes and chores BS). Hats off to you. 🙂
    And it’s good to know that you are.following what you like. The journey might be tough but is definitely worth it in the end.

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  3. Totally engrossing, and it has that light flair of passing black clouds that one looks up at, that’s the best I can explain it…needless to say, the writing of course, is flawless, and the point you make is universal.


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