Revelations – I

While today’s world is engulfed in social media, the importance of face to face communication cannot be overstated. Face to face communication provides a way of communicating way more effectively than the emoticon filled conversations we tend to have on social media. It has the effect of feeling and emotional connect with the other person.

While typing out conversations may have the additional advantage of thinking before “saying”, even that is lost in today’s youth. Conversations over a cup of coffee leads to immediate thinking as well as critical analysis of what is being said. Personally, I do not like the photographic evidence of memories to be digitalised. I believe in remembering the memories because of its own merit and I also believe that that has helped me to remember things that are important to me.

These conversations, albeit undocumented, leaves an impact on the mind just through the natural way of sensing. The phenomenon of connecting memories to objects goes a long way in helping one to enhance their memory and face to face communication is probably one of the best ways to do that. On top of all these aforementioned advantages, just having a conversation while in an environment conducive to interruptions, natural elements and out of your comfort zones, has a stand of merit on its own.

This post may seem as an epiphany out of the blue, and that is because it is. I recently had the opportunity to have conversations with complete strangers on topics of both little and utmost relevance to either of our lives and I loved it. And no photograph or “chat history” can provide me with the satisfaction or happiness that I derive from running these conversations over in my mind.



2 thoughts on “Revelations – I

  1. How true you are! A person’s eloquence can be gauged only by the way he converses and uses the right expressions and words. There’s nothing more attractive than holding a conversation without using filler words like you know….i know…f**k…etc which is very common for today’s social media led generation.

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