Digital Darwinism

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Image Source : Click on Image

We often complain about technology being too advanced and the technological generation gap between generations, but seldom do we realise that the technology that we have today in India was the technology in more developed countries like the United States or Japan, four to five years ago.

India is, in my opinion, going through a very fast paced technological advancement thanks to globalisation. The main problem though, is that our society is not adapting fast enough. This revolution is sweeping us off our feet and we are nothing but helpless. We see something that is making our lives easier and we want it. What we do not comprehend are the complete ramifications of said technology.

While some of us are grasping on to the tails of the future, some of us are trying very hard to stay true to the existing, accustomed lifestyle. This rift causes misconceptions that lead to a lot of problems that we face today. We think we are fighting others but, in truth, we are fighting ourselves. The rigidity to which we succumb to, resisting the rapid change in the world around us, however reasonable, may be cause for our own demise.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we should accept anything and everything that comes our way. All I’m saying is that we should learn to adapt to the new technology in the best possible way we can. It may not be the best thing out there, but we must learn to accept the fact that whatever the shortcomings, the major questions are, are the pros better than the cons? Are you willing to compensate on your beliefs in order to get something that would enhance the lives of not just the wealthy but the poor as well?

Even though I talk about technology as a singular entity, I know and acknowledge the fact that technology constitutes of a plethora of entities both physical and software based. From something as small as an application on your smartphone to something as huge as Automated Robotics, technology has spread its wings to almost every field possible.

And it is not that society is unwilling to accept this change. The society will change, it will adapt, but only at its own speed. It’s during this revolution, that we as human beings need to be the most sensitive towards life as it is and life as it could be. This could be achieved only by, at least, a basic understanding of technology as a catalyst of change.



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