Something About Inspiration


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Inspiration is a funny thing. We all live in our own circles of life. Our work circle, our college circle, our personal space, our family circle and many such individual and not always connected circles. We each experience different things at different circles. Some we find amusing, some we find funny and some we just don’t like. Depending on the mood, experience different things, or maybe even the same things, differently. So basically, our mood dictates what we enjoy.

Now, from these different experiences, we are inspired. But rarely at the same place. What I mean is, if you find something inspiring at work, you work on the inspiration at home. Rarely do we apply the inspiration in the same circle. I feel that it is because of the detachment we so crave from our current circle of being. When we are at home, we crave to “do something”, at work, we want to just relax. This detachment that we desire is what inspires us, really. Some of the greatest ideas were thought of at the most absurd of places. Be it the discovery of gravity, while Newton was out relaxing, or be it any other such idea that we might have. Maybe that is why we yearn for the detachment. It frees our mind.

I’m partly sure that psychologists have a term for this, but I like to call it escape. We try to escape from the mundane, the monotony, the routine and yet keep following it. Freeing our minds leads to new ideas. Freeing of the mind can only be achieved by detachment from the current circle we inhabit. Which is why sleeping is important.

The only time when you are away from all circles is when you are asleep. And it is then that your mind wanders the most. This leads to a whole new world of possibilities and what we call imagination. Even these “dreams” are a product of what lies within our subconscious. So basically, these are just experiences from the various circles of interaction that we haven’t noticed or given much thought to. Which brings me back to experiences.

Does this mean that there is no original thought? NO! In order for someone to think of exactly what you thought of, one must go through the exact experiences that you have gone through pertaining to the idea. And when I say ‘exact’ I mean the exact. It not just extends to how you got the idea but also to why you got it.

I feel that no two ideas are exactly the same. They may be uncannily similar, but not exact. Because, the way you interpret or infer something, from a situation is unique. It is a result of thought that is influenced by the various incidents and experiences that you have been through. And when I say experiences, it means every single experience. Why are we annoyed by the buzzing of a fly? Because we were taught to be annoyed when we were kids. We have seen our parents and everyone around us swatting away flies, ever since we were born. It is but natural that we swat away flies too. My point is, even the singular task of swatting away a fly is a result of our past experiences.

But then, by that logic isn’t everything inspired? Again, NO! Basic things that we do without thinking are a product of inspiration. Although, if we start thinking I’m sure everyone could come up with a unique way to swat a fly.

Everything that comes to you naturally, is a product of inspiration. Every idea that you think of is of a unique design. Here is a quote by a professor who visited our class, “Scrap the first two ideas that come to your mind, they are probably “inspired”. Use the third one and work on it, for it’ll be your own”. He was talking about avoiding plagiarism. Although I do not exactly concur, I understand his premise. And thus I was inspired for this post.



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