J for Journalism

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Journalism is defined as the art of keeping journals. Is keeping journals an art, you ask? Yes it is! In order to know what to write and how to put it in a manner that is lucid and coherent. Taking notes is quite different from maintaining a journal. While taking notes, you take down the highlights or skim over the unimportant parts. Journals are filled with information. Whether it is important or not.

Why am I writing an essay on journalism? Because I’m training right now to be one. Yes, I enrolled myself for a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC). It was high time that I learnt to express myself and well, manipulation of thoughts comes naturally to me, or so I think. Being a reporter was not my ambition for registering myself for this degree. Neither was mass communication, although I’ve already achieved some part of Mass communication through this blog itself. That means, I’ve achieved what I would achieve by achieving a degree in what I’ve already achieved. BJMC-eption!!!

Anyways, journalism is fun. It has creative freedom that I never got when I pursued engineering. Also, education system in the south is way different than in the north. A topic for another post maybe. The best part about journalism is relief from technicalities and derivations and all that. Here, all you need to succeed is an open mind and creativity. When I say creativity, it includes intuitiveness and free thought. Here there are no rules and no restrictions.

You want to know the amount of freedom we enjoy? Guess what my term paper is going to be about. It is going to be about a comparison of various films. All I have to do is watch movies, critique them and write the critique in a form of comparison. That’s it. Watching movies is something I enjoy. Although I’m trying to change it to TV series. So that I don’t fall back on it. And the next time my mom says, “Stop wasting your time with those TV serials on your laptop”, instead of “I’ve got nothing better to do, ma” or “They are TV SERIES, not serials, ma”, I could retort, “Don’t you want me to score higher ma?” or “If you call doing my term paper a waste of time, well then let me relax with another TV series”.

Also this line of education, goes well with my current lifestyle. Coffee and Books are a prerequisite for a good career in journalism. And guess what? I’ve got both with me, right now!





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