I for Indolence and Insomnia


lazy-catWith my recent performance at blogging, it is safe to say that I’ve lived up to my name. I am indolent, which is proved my lack of want to think up and/or write up new ideas. I am an insomniac, which can be seen through the crazy stuff I’ve been posting recently. Well, insomnia may not be the only cause, but it is one of the major causes. Coffee may have a huge role to play in the craziness. But higher doses of coffee is known to cause insomnia, so there you go.

Today, I planned to write on India. But India is too vast a topic for me to cover in a blog-post. Moreover I do not consider myself informed enough to write about a truly incredible nation as India. I’ll have to travel a lot of places, and still may fall short on information. History and future aside, what India is today is in itself, unfathomable. The vastness of a country can never be described in a single blog-post, much less by a lazy thing as myself.

Then I thought about Injustice. Then again its vastness astounded me. I could write about the injustices on people, which would be boring. We get enough of that on TV and other sources. I could’ve written about person experiences based on injustice. But then again, it’d make me look like a 15 year old girl, who’s complaining to mommy about her older sister. But I assure you, revenge will be mine and my brother shall suffer! Ahem…I got a bit emotional there. Forgive me. Revenge will, still, be mine!

Then I thought about Indulgences. But that would entail me clicking pictures of ice-creams, bike rides, screenshots of games and TV series, and movies. Doing them is one thing but clicking pictures and taking snapshots is too tedious. Moreover taking snapshots of Game of Thrones is risky business. And I almost forgot dark chocolate, and reading books and writing. You see – it is a task in itself to be able to remember the things I like. How do you think I feel about capturing those moments while I’m enjoying them?

Then I had a mind blowing idea. Why not waste your time telling you about my thought process for this seemingly stupid post about my thought process for this thought? The very prospect of you reading through the whole post thinking and hoping there was a point to all this, gives me indescribable, insatiable pleasure. I am a sadistic man in that way. But hey, if you manage to read between the lines these posts tell a lot more about me than you’d believe.

So, finally, I thought to myself why not do it. Tell them how lazy I am and how much of an on-the-line lunatic I am. Give them an example of the heights I could have reached and then give meaningless excuses, which seemingly contain meaning, but actually don’t. Then tell them what I just did, only to get on my readers’ nerve.

Don’t jump into the “passive-aggressive” or the “defense mechanism” wagon just now. I assure you I am both. But this post is an example of neither. This post is just what flowed through my mind when I thought about writing on my nom-de-plume.




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