F for Fantasy

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My fantasies are often related to grandeur, fame and power. While dreaming, I often find myself in situations where I have to prove my worth intellectually or physically. Of course I end up either humiliating or decapitating my opponent and still remain humble and show sportsmanship by offering the guy some form of respect.

But then again, there are times when I lose and wake up, after suffering a surprising defeat. They are my nightmares. But, Am I afraid of failure in real life? Not really. Very few are afraid of failure, I believe. Most are afraid of what results after you fail. What would others think? What will happen next? And so on… But I don’t really care what others think of me or what’s to come next. All I care about is being better than the other guy. So I need to win to feed my ego.

I’ve been blabbering about dreams a lot. Fantasies are not only dreams, you say? Fantasies also include your imagination. I believe or I would like to believe that I have a vivid imagination. Most people imagine killing someone. I imagine diverse ways and means to kill a person, that includes Wolverine’s claws, knives, maniacal pounding of one’s head, to name a few. Oh don’t worry, it’s not that I’m this dark person at all times. I also imagine different flavors of ice-cream, stuff I could be doing while I am stuck in class, and other stuff which will remain private. *wink*

Fantasizing is important. Not only is it recreational, it makes you think, just like… wait for it… you got it – coffee. It gets your mind running which is good generally, but while writing an exam, fantasizing on techniques to mutilate your teacher will result catastrophically. You learn to think freely, widen your scope of thoughts and invent. It is not certain that you will invent something, but the first step to inventing anything is imagining or fantasizing. And it always helps to have readers to tell your fantasies and thoughts to, just like I have you people with nothing better to do than read my babbles all day long.

P.S   I know you don’t but hey, it’s a post on fantasies, so guess what… *wink*

P.P.S   I deliberately precluded myself from indulging into my comic book, superhero, and TV series fantasies, because then this post could not have been posted today. So I’m keeping it for later.




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