C for Coffee

Coffee cup and coffee beans on old wooden background

Well, I guess I don’t have to make it clearer to my readers that I love coffee. But to anyone who is new to my blog, I love coffee. When I say I love coffee, I mean I love coffee!! To the extent of having at least a slight mention of coffee in all of my posts.

Here is a list of reasons why I love coffee:

  • Rated PG and above :

You can have coffee right in front of your parents, neighbors, grandparents or teachers. It is as if you are given permission to get high. You don’t need to feel ashamed or afraid to drink coffee. You could, rather, offer your elders coffee if you feel like and they would feel respected rather than insulted. Try offering them any other intoxicant and you can physically watch the shriveling of the faces to the size of a pea.

I think therefore I have had my coffee

  • Who needs drugs when you have coffee :

Coffee does the same things that drugs, including alcohol does to you sans the god-awful hangovers. I feel that it is the only intoxicant that can be taken in public that will give you a happy trip most of the time. There is science behind this – adrenaline and stuff, but to summarize, you get energy rather than getting your brain all messed up.


  • Awesome Pick-me-up :

You feel a bit low – boss shout at you, too much of homework and inability to understand, friend problems, relationship troubles – do not fret. We have a cup of coffee to cheer you up. I know I sounded like those irritating “HomeShop 18” commercials, but this is not a hoax! Coffee makes you think harder and therefore helps you in finding solutions to problems like never before.


  • Too much coffee never hurts :

Did you know that you need to drink at least 100 cups of coffee in order to die of a heart stroke? A 100 cups. So if I drink about 99, I’ll be alright, right? Other than being awake for eternity and spending half of that time in the toilet, I’ll be fine biologically.


So, I feel everybody should drink coffee. Probably not as much as I do but in meager amounts. I could go on and on but I’m running short on coffee. I’ll go make some more while I suggest you go do the same.








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