Politics… Really?

Politician: I’ll give you food, clothing and a roof.
Beggar: Oh this Emotional Torture!!!!

So, I was watching “The West Wing”, a show on the lives of people in the White House and the running of the government of USA and it got me thinking, as to why even after 66 years of independence we’re still a developing country and not a developed country. Ask anyone and they’d tell you “It’s the damned government”. And they’re right. It is the damned government. But ask them if they voted this year, and you get answers like “Who’s got the time or state of mind for this kind of stuff?” and “They’re all hooligans. No matter who we vote for. So why bother.”

Here’s a question about democracy that was asked on the show by a NASA employee to the Deputy Chief of Staff (to the President) –

If the theory of democracy is that the people have the most direct connection to officials at the most local level, how come everyone can name the president but no one knows who their assemblymen is?

The answer given was, “Complacency — who knows? That’s like asking why the sky’s blue?”

And I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know who my local representative is. Heck, I don’t even know if we have a local representative. And frankly, I don’t even know where would he/she be representing us, if we did actually have one. And I’m not proud of it. With all that has been going on, everyone’s piling on criticizing the government that we decided to elect. And I know that in a perfect world, elections would not be rigged and politics need not be as dirty as it currently is, but we have to make do with the world we currently live in, don’t we? NO, we don’t. If every one of us or at least a majority of us decided to vote after being aware of our surroundings – more on the lines of who’s doing what and lesser on who’s doing who, there’s a high chance of us actually getting what we want.

And I personally have decided to stop being complacent. Up until now, I was a man with no convictions. But I feel that now is a good time to start feeling responsible. Here’s another quote from another Aaron Sorkin written TV show – The Newsroom (2012)

Nothing is more important in a democracy than a well-informed electorate.

And here’s where the media comes in. Instead of telling me what goes on in the household of a minister I voted for, please tell me what I get in return for voting for him. Instead of airing the incessant name calling of one “party leader” to another, tell me which one of them is doing good to me than the other.

A well informed electorate. I can assure you that about 70% of the people who say they belong to a party, don’t even know what the party stands for. Not necessary that the party should stand for anything, but I’m sure the makers of the party had something in mind when they formed it. Everybody knows their history and what their party did in 1980 or what their opposing party did in 1990, but very few of them actually know what they stand for. Some of them are just personal.

I asked my mom if she voted, ever? She said she didn’t, but added that her whole family supported so-and-so party. When asked why, she simply shrugged and said “That’s how it’s been in our family.”

So my point is, everyone should know that the reason why we are still developing and not yet developed is not only the government, but every single one of us. I’ve decided to vote hereafter, but for that I’ve to do a lot of research as to which side to choose and to whom do I put my vote for. And I hope that you do too.

P.S I am open to any argument you have to make, but if you are offended by any statement made by me, feel free to read the disclaimer on the right side of this page.

P.P.S The title of this post is just a contemplation as to me writing about politics.



4 thoughts on “Politics… Really?

  1. I totally agree with you.. Last year I voted for the first time in the state assembly elections. Then I had proudly thought that I won’t go with the stereotype family party, but would vote for the one who is least likely to cheat. I had even argued with my dad.
    He had simply said “J top post dokhol korbe se nijei chor hoe jabe”, meaning whoever will get the top position will steal for sure. Today I feel he was right.
    We always have to vote for the least worst, but in the present situation I don’t think any national party deserves our votes. None of them are fit for this country..


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