The Krishna Key – Book Review

Firstly I’d love to thank BlogAdda for giving me this book absolutely free of cost, just to review it here. So, thank you.

Now, about the book; The Krishna Key is the third book of Ashwin Sanghi, the author of the bestselling “Rozabal Line” and the award winning “Chanakya’s Chant”. Even though the author gives a fair disclaimer pertaining to the historical places, names and everything else being a figment of his imagination, it is pretty hard to believe that, once you read the book. It is filled with intricate details about everything, to an extent that one would actually believe all of the “facts” (in the book) to be true.

This book is the story of a serial killer, who has a misplaced sense of being the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. A history professor, along with his favourite pupil, has to uncover the secrets that the serial killer and his mentor seek. Many characters come and go, in this absolute page turner of an thriller, but Ashwin Sanghi has really managed to keep the readers hooked on to the story even as he balances the various characters effortlessly. Even though the title says The Krishna Key, the story revolves around nuclear reactors, radioactive substances, Shiva-lingams,  historical events, the advent of various religions, races and castes and with unbelievable “facts” that are made believable through the author’s keen usage of words and sense of language.

Mind blowing twists and turns in the story, the characters’ likeability, and the snippets of the Krishna story (explained in first person) will make you want to keep reading.

Personally, though, I feel that the ending was a bit disappointing. In-spite of the great twists and the thrilling storyline, the way the book ended was a bit too mundane. Nevertheless, credit has to be given to the author for the amount of research he’s done for this book. An eleven page reference legend has been provided just to showcase the amount of time and preparation that went into the making of this exciting story.

The extensive use of pictures and images, enhances the reading experience at the same time indulges you into the story. Another warning, right at the start of the book, says that

“This book uses several images to explain details within the story. Flipping to the back of the book prematurely may result in your inadvertently viewing some images that could act as plot-spoilers, hence this is not advised.”

And I would personally advise you too, as to not be a nosy posy and flip to the end. Read and enjoy the book (Not sure why I said both, because either way, you do both).

About the author : Ashwin Sanghi is an entrepreneur by profession but writing historical fiction in the thriller genre is his passion and hobby. He holds a master’s degree from Yale and is working towards a Ph.D. in creative writing. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Anushika, and son, Raghuvir.

Here is his website:
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4 thoughts on “The Krishna Key – Book Review

  1. thanks for the review. I’d read his Chanakya’s Chant and enjoyed it a lot. Infact, it pushed me into buying a couple of Historical fiction books. I’ll go for this one too.


  2. I have loved this book too 🙂

    Immortals of Meluha well I don’t know why have not been able to get myself to read it. Maybe I will enjoy once I read it. It is lying untouched on my bookshelf since past 5 months!


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