Of Back-Benchers and Mobile Internet…

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It was a regular day in class. And when I say regular, I mean, boring. Staff coming in, saying stuff no one really gives a damn about, asking questions no one knows the answers to, scolding, advising, face-palming at the ignorance and alleged arrogance of the students and finally going back in utter dismay. Then, the next ‘teacher’ comes in and repeats the cycle.

But usually, we back benchers have something better to do with ourselves. We draw, we write, we create poetry, we craft out 3d cartoons, in-fact, the back-benchers of any class are supposed to be the creative bunch of the whole class. The fastest and the greatest minds are that of the back-benchers.

“The best brains of the nation may be found on the LAST BENCHES of the classroom”

-APJ Abdul Kalam

 And on one such eventless day, when an extra class for two hours had been arranged by our ‘respected staff’, we were bored to our very core. We almost ran out of ideas, and had half a mind to run out of the class, too.

It was during this time of duress, that we noticed this fellow sitting right in-front of us, whom we designate, for the time being, as V, going berserk on his phone. Now, we, the law abiding morons that we are (were), didn’t use phones in our class. One of the benefits of being a back-bencher is that, the further away from the first bench you are, the more afraid/respectful, people are, of you.

Using this to our benefit, we snatched the phone from the poor guy and started fiddling with it. Now, don’t get me wrong here, V was our friend and we treated him to an extravagant treat afterwards, for his lifesaving kindness.

He had the Internet pack activated and was playing games online (!) while the ingenuous professor babbled on about chemical bonds and other chemistry… related… stuff.

We turned the boring mundane day into a tournament. We took turns at it and competed within ourselves for the highest scores. The seemingly dull day was turned into the start of an era of mobile internet gaming. The days of looking painfully at watches, sleeping in class (which was frowned upon even by our peers.) were over and thus began our in-class gaming session.

The next hour, to our utter dismay was a pop-quiz! Now, here’s another tit-bit about us, back-benchers. We can pass/clear any quiz/exam, as long as it is foretold. But if you decide that you can just barge in to our class and ask us mind-numbing queries, you’ve got a whole another thing coming!

Here’s our reaction to the pop-quiz announcement: We look at each other, as if we do not comprehend the very meaning of pop-quiz. Then, there is the look of contempt at the professor, and then again to each other, this time questioning each other of the veracity of the situation.

But not this time! By the powers of discretion and world-wide-web vested on us by the back benches and by Vodafone (God Bless them and V, for activating internet.) we answered almost every question correctly, referring of course to Mr. Know-it-all (Wikipedia) and pretty strategically answered some questions erroneously, to avoid any controversial doubts on the professors’ blessed minds.

Well, long story short, the looks on the faces of the studious first benchers were priceless as we, the back benchers, again triumphed over them after the results. So, thus Vodafone Internet saves the day as V came to our rescue as our knight in not-so-shining armour!


33 thoughts on “Of Back-Benchers and Mobile Internet…

  1. OMg i ve done the exact same thing!! and wen i passed me answer sheet to other they looked at me like im some sorta God and be all like when did you get so brainy? And i’d be all like Meh..


    1. Me too!! The other guys are like… “HOW?! For the love of God, HOW?!” and I’ll be all eccentric and say some stupid dialogue like, “There’s more than what meets the eye!” 😀 😀


  2. reminds me of the time when i used to check for comments on my blog sitting in my class, getting excited, replying to those comments and feeling like being on top of the world for pulling it off under the sniffing noses of lects.


  3. I wasn’t a back-bencher ever. But yes, I did all my extra-curricular activities like writing poetry, discussing about food and life with my classmates, painting etc. while sitting on the first bench. 😛 😀


  4. Ha, ha ha. I have never been a back bencher. My theory is that back benchers get blamed for everything-sources of noise and disruption. Sitting in the front bench, I have texted, slept, carried on conversations; all under the watchful eyes of teachers and professors. They do not suspect that us front benchers hardly pay attention. “Be a devil but hide your horns” 😛

    Loved your post. 😀


    1. True…but when it comes to fun and frolicking, the whole class expects it from us!! They don’t expect first benchers to come with shrewd comments and random pieces of chalk/balls of paper thrown at them. 😉

      Glad you loved it!! 😀


  5. Totally agree with EVERYTHING you’ve said. I’ve been a backbencher all my life (yes, even at events and seminars).

    It’s this very attitude that makes us street smart & successful in life. No wonder Abdul Kalam is such a big fan of ours 😉


  6. Hahaha! This guy in our class did that so many times. And our chemistry teacher was always wondering how the heck he knew the answers (they were pretty hard questions).
    And go back benchers!!! What would I have done without those during-class snacks and doodling and what not.


    1. See now, that’s creativity!! 😀 Every back bencher has a talent other than studies of course!
      And ooh, I forgot to write about our lunch boxes being empty before lunch-break!! And to think of it… we even passed the food around!! All while the teacher is solving the most intricate problems of god-knows-what!
      Thanks for coming by,
      Happy Blogging


  7. Enjoyed this one, could easily associate with your take on backbencher coz I was one.
    As a faculty also, I enjoyed the pranks of these intellectuals at the high end of the gallery!


    1. Wow!! A faculty? So you guys do know about our shenanigans? It’s really nice and you know, chivalrous of you to not apprehend us for every single thing we do… 😉
      Couldn’t find your blog, leave your link so I can check out the blog of a faculty member! 😉


  8. Ohh..you reminded me of those days when I used to be a back bencher who used to falunt his new Basic mobile phone and wrote his (Mine) phone number on benches, friend’s shirts, Copies and Books of others..”Mobile Crazy Back Bencher” I was at that time..Great moments once again relived because of your great blogpost…Good one!!


  9. Nicely written! Tell you what, I was the leader of the BBA(Back Benchers Association), I still have the slam book signed by my back bencher members!!!
    Loved it.


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