Good Night | Good Morning – A Review

Good Night | Good Morning

Good Night | Good Morning

Remember “Making Conversation”? I expressed my views that conversations with strangers may turn out to be the best conversation a person may have! And well, Hollywood has no dearth of movies to prove my point, but now there’s an Indian film and by Indian, I do NOT mean Bollywood.

No, sir! The movie I’m talking about gives the Bollywood masala flicks a slap on the face (And I’m being modest here).  This film transcends the highly (read unbelievable let alone plausible) action packed, punch dialogue filled stuff that Indian films has to offer.

Agreed, there have been films like Kahaani, The Girl in the Yellow Boots (in recent times) and Mr. and Mrs.Iyer, and a very few more (in the not-so-recent  times), but this film has been the most conversation oriented film so far, according to me.

And after building up so much about it, the film I’m talking about is “Good Night | Good Morning” by Sudhish Kamath, who I must say has done a wonderful job. It is an independent film, that runs on the lines of “Before Sunrise” (God! I’ve to see that again!), “Before Sunset”, “The Sunset Limited”, “A Lot Like Love”, Woody Allen movies and many more.

It revolves around a phone conversation between a guy, who’s on a drunken road trip with two stoned friends and a sober friend who’s driving and a solitary woman in a hotel room, who is in transit to, well, incidentally India.

They talk about everything ranging from life, relationships, sex, faith, and what not! The film also takes a jab at the old running-through-sunflower-field romances and also digresses towards heart rendering dialogues and endearing monologues.

All-in-all a very good film, must watch for all independent film lovers and practically every one. The main reason that I loved it is because, it proves, if that, a conversation between strangers can be the best conversation ever, and it can change your life forever! Ooh, and did I mention it was split screen?

P.S It’s tagline goes “A phone call that ‘almost’ changed their lives.”

P.P.S I came through this wonderful pick from EatPrayLoveMovies.


14 thoughts on “Good Night | Good Morning – A Review

          1. Firstly, it is offbeat English cinema, more inclined towards the like of “Before The Rains” and “Monsoon Wedding.”
            Secondly, it is not “popular.” So, no chance.
            And thirdly, I live in a land where even Titanic 3D is dubbed in Tamil. Parayam?


          2. Well I thought you were implicating something great! I racked my brains for few minutes pondering over what you said. And finally when I could make no sense whatsoever, I admitted defeat and asked you what you meant? 😉 😛
            So much for flaunting 😉


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