An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember

“An Affair to Remember”

She came in to my room. Na-uh, she barged into my room and dropped herself on the bed, waking me up.

“Good morning, dear.” I said, rubbing my eyes.

“Wake up, you bozo!” she said, hitting me with her purse.

“What’s up? How come you’re up so early?”

“Okay, We have to talk. Don’t worry, it’s not anything serious.”

“Mm…hmm. I’m listening.” I said, still half-asleep.

“I was watching Dexter yesterday and guess what I realized?” she replied quirkily.

“That, you watching Dexter, is the reason I love you?” I replied, still groggy.

“No! Dumbo!” she said, blushing and pulling the sheet off of me, playfully.

“That we haven’t been on a real date since… WOW! I can’t even remember the last time.”

You know how a dog’s ears perk up and it sits upright with full concentration, when it hears something at the front door? My condition at the time was something on the same lines. I sat up straight, with a jolt, looking like a fool, with my hair all dishevelled and my eyes still red from the interrupted sleep. And the fact that she got that from Dexter, God! What do these women watch T.V for!

“Um… ahem… Okay, how about I pick you up at… say 7?” I said, still a bit startled.

“Really! Today? Oh.My.God! You’d do that for me?” she said, giving me a hug which was totally ignored by me.

Not because I didn’t care, but because I was a bit over-whelmed by the pace of events. I was making plans for the evening, when I’m still in my boxers, deprived of my morning coffee and before my… well… morning business.

“Hmm, okay then, ‘It’s a DATE!’” she exclaimed with unfathomable joy and unreasonable excitement. It was just a date. What was the big deal? It wasn’t any of our “important” dates. She’d have reminded me if it was. I just don’t get it!

Later that day, when I got on Facebook, this is what her status read – “Gonna have a blast with II*. Luv yaaaaa <3”.

Kill me… Kill me, now!

*She used my real name for it, obviously. And to add insult to injury, she frikkin’ tagged me!

I thought it was going to be a nice, quiet evening, but apparently “It is going to be a blast!”


I knocked on her door at around 7:15 pm. I didn’t have to knock twice before she opened the door looking like an angel. She was dressed in a pink salwar with yellow flowers and a matching yellow kameez with pink flowers. She let her hair loose, which meant she dropped it over her shoulders,  and wore the necklace, that I gave her, a long time back (for one of the aforementioned “important” date).

“You look beautiful! Haven’t seen you like this in a long time!”

I gave her the bouquet I was hauling all the way up to her door and gave a peck on her protruding, mediocre-make-up clad cheek. She kept the bouquet on her coffee table and asked,

“So, where are we going tonight?” rather expectantly.

“Well, since you sprung this on me, I didn’t have time to make reservations. Let’s see. I’ll think of something.” I replied, rather coyly.

“Hmm, hope it’s not something like that other night” she replied, dejectedly.

One time! Just once, we went to a bar/pub for a date. Obviously, it was my idea. And it didn’t turn out quite well. But that was years ago, for crying out loud! And she’s still mad about that?! Why am I surprised? But considering the circumstances, I let it pass.

“No no, I’ll think of something better this time.” I winked.

We got into my car and took the highway. Suddenly I remembered something.

“Umm… baby… Is it alright… if I… umm… just pop into my apartment first. I forgot to take my wallet.”

“What? You forgot your wallet? On our date? This is turning out to be a great evening!”

“I’m terribly sorry, dear. I thought I took it with me, but I guess I didn’t.”

Yeah, I’m not good with excuses, am I?


*Awkward Silence*

I pulled into my building parking.

“Are you going to sit here and wait for me?” I asked, this time, with true concern, “I mean it’s really hot in here.”

“Oh really! I didn’t notice. Thank you for your kind information.” She threw the door open and got out and slammed it shut. I thanked God for not breaking my new car’s windows.

We took the lift to my apartment, in which it was so awkward a silence, that it couldn’t have been matched if we had met online and this was our first date!

She opened the door, rather vigorously, I might add, and burst in and turned the lights on.

“Now where did you…” She stopped dead.

She looked around the brightly lit living room, now rearranged to accommodate a candle-lit dinner table, with a flower vase with chrysanthemums (her favourite) in it and the sweet sound of Vanilla Twilight (her favourite too) flowing through the room. She just stood there motionless for a while and then turned, slowly.

She looked at me, teary eyed, silent, but still conveying the message we both understood. I took her into my arms, and stood there for some time, conveying more through silence than words ever could.

P.S We also had home-made food prepared by “yours truly” and that’s another thing she’ll never forgive me for!


29 thoughts on “An Affair to Remember

  1. Well done II…
    I would say you succeeded at setting up a perfect date…every girl’s dream I must say..
    And something makes me think this really happened 😉
    and if it hasn’t already be sure to hide from the potential ‘Dexter’ enthusiast 🙂


  2. Good one. But I was expecting the end from the beginning. Would have been surprised had she caught some other girl in your bedroom. Story idea for your next write-up? 😉


  3. hmmm… its nice.. Though i don’t really agree with most of wat the ppl before me commented. I felt the whole thing was a bit cliched. And esp since its u writing, i figured there’d be some big mind-blowing twist at the end.. I read the story hoping for a molten lava cake at the end but ended up with an eclair. :-/
    Only thing i cud relate to was the bit where the girl posts and tags on fb. Happens with me all the time. You forgot how they use those annoying lil black ❤ hearts. Ugh.


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