Justice League v/s X-Men??

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I was munching down a whole bowl of homemade Act II popcorn over the movie X-Men: First Class, when a sudden thought struck me. I know, it may be a stupid thought but it may also be an extra ordinary idea for a whole movie franchise!

What if the mutants were to fight the superheroes (Justice League and Spiderman)?

I could practically hear the comic book nerds and the super hero freaks puking!! But think about it. They could be fighting for their respective place in the world. Or maybe, the super villains (Maybe Joker) put them up for it.

I don’t know, but idea seemed spectacular! Imagine Wolverine and Thor, Superman and Magneto, the Fantastic Four and Cyclops and Storm, all going at each other. Countless number of associations can be made and the best picked! Batman fighting Gambit would be just frikkin’ awesome! Fred ‘The Blob’ Dukes can maybe take on The Hulk! Spiderman and Beast, Green Lantern and Mystique! Oh, I could go on and on and on!

Well, I think it is a wonderful idea, and I don’t know whether this idea was proposed earlier by somebody else (if not, WHY?), but as of now, I copyright it! And FOX Films, if you want it, come get it!

Well I think I’m going to stop now, because I don’t want to be the cause of Stan Lee’s heart-attack! I do come off as a total geek, don’t I? Meh, who cares!


10 thoughts on “Justice League v/s X-Men??

  1. X Men First Class was absolutely superb! I had watched McAvoy before and knew he was good, but Fassbender totally wowed me (now I have watched a few of his other movies…he is a really good actor!).
    Ledger’s Joker has got to be one of my favourite movie villains. (Although no one can beat Gary Oldman when it comes to dark roles).
    I can’t wait to watch Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises.


    1. Absolutely mind-blowing! And you do realize, you fall into the rare category of women who

    2. Enjoy action flicks
    3. Have a general who’s who knowledge about actors other than Hollywood/Bollywood hunks.
    4. And I watched Avengers! It’s frikkin’ mind blasting! Everyone did their part exceptionally well. I had doubts about Mark Ruffalo playing Hulk, but he did quite well! It is a must watch! Me too, waiting for the Dark Knight Rises!!


  2. My movie tastes ARE a little different from some people I know. 😛 My parents think I am a little off my head (this has been their opinion ever since they saw me watching all the Hannibal Lecter movies with enthusiasm).
    Aah, Avengers…need to watch it!


    1. WOW!!! The fact that you even know who Lector is is amazing!! Well, your movie tastes are different from most women! The most action filled movie some women I know have ever watched is Bride Wars! So you can understand my “disbelief” (for the need of a better word.)


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