Letter to a Pen-pal…

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Dear MNO,

I know it’s been a while since I wrote to you. Everything is fine here. Hope you are doing well. How is your leg? The last time you wrote to me, it was from the hospital. Remember? You were foolish enough to not only climb up a mango tree, and fall from it too! This is what a craze of mangoes could do to you.

Well, I hope you recuperated well enough. Everything is fine here. I guess I already wrote that, huh? Classes in college suck! But I guess I have my fun with my class-mates and my friends. The reason I classify them in that manner is that they are different. I look at my classmates as my classmates and my friends as my friends. Not that my classmates are not my friends, they are, but the thing is I cannot talk to them the way I chat with my friends.

When you’re my friend, you’re my friend. I’ll tell you everything about me. You’ll know my deepest secrets. I’ll trust you with my life. Now that’s friendship. I don’t share that kind of a bond with my classmates. I hope you understand what I’m rambling about.

And hey, before I forget, I’m also sending you some mangoes and strawberries. Hope they reach you safe and sound as fruits, and not as fruit pulp.

My younger brother just saw me writing this letter. He made some snide remark about writing letters in this ‘modern age’. What is this modern age, really? Does it mean that I should not do something I like to do, just because it is inconvenient? I mean, I love writing letters, and especially when it is to someone special like you. And I wonder whether he even knows what a postage stamp is. Ah Well, I pity my brother and his friends. They have no idea what they are missing out on. I mean, it is one thing to miss out on writing letters and waiting for their reply but to not have someone to share their feelings with, now that’s just pathetic.

Have you seen the guys these days? They don’t know what it is like to talk your heart out on letters and the feeling you get when you get one. The sheer excitement and the pleasure in tearing off the inland cover and reading the letter is always a better option than to find your ‘crush’ ‘online’. I feel like I’m generations apart from my own brother who is just four years younger than me.

Forget letters, they don’t even know what a paperback is! Reading novels, plays and poems seems like a nightmare. I can’t understand the way their minds are regenerated. I mean I have no offense against them playing video games and watching crappy movies, I do that too, but abolishing reading books forever? They don’t understand the sense of satisfaction and pleasure received from opening an old book and getting a whiff of the indescribable aroma of the paper.

And here I was thinking me and my parents had a generation gap! Anyways, I won’t bore you any more with more of my digressing line of thought. It was great fun talking to you, dear.

Give my love to Uncle and Aunty and your little sister. She’s getting into college now, right? Hope you guys are all fine. I don’t know when this will reach you, but Happy Holi in advance, to you and your entire family.

Write back soon. Waiting for your reply.

Your friend,


P.S I simply cannot resist myself, and so I am gobbling down one of your mangoes. Hope you don’t mind. I’ll consider this as your Holi gift to me.

This is one of the letters I intend to write to one of my long lost friend. I really don’t know whether she would like me to reveal her name, and hence the secrecy. And the only reason I’m posting this here, is because we lost our contact long ago and I have lost her address.


2 thoughts on “Letter to a Pen-pal…

    1. You know, I thought about asking you, but then i figured i’d be accusing you of plagiarism (not per say… but still) and I wouldn’t do that to one of my readers… and especially not to my lucky charm reader! 😉


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