Replacing Replacements with Replacements

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“Why is your laptop so slow?” My .Net instructor asked me.

“Well it’s mainly because… well because… because I… how do you know it’s slow? I mean ‘slow’ is a relative term, right? What if my laptop’s speed has been the same ever since I bought it? You don’t know!”

“Yeah well, it is slower than my laptop…”

“That’s because… I’ve got no memory space left on my hard disk…Aha!!”

“And why is that? I thought you had a 1 TB external hard drive.”

“I do. And that is full too.”

“Are you kidding me? Nah, it can’t be.”

“It is!! And my laptop is full with games, movies and stuff.”

“Yeah! I can see that! What’s on your external?”

“Games and movies and…stuff…”

I know, right!?! It’s like no matter how many times you’ve watched a great movie, you just don’t want to delete it. You know you are never going to watch it again. But it feels like a part of you is getting deleted. Maybe it’s just me being paranoid, or maybe I get too attached to my movies.

But the bottom-line is, no matter how good the movie is, or how attached you are, it has to go when want something new to be saved. It’s kind of like life, you hold onto to something dear, even if it has served its purpose, even if it has run its course, but then leave it for something new, something that you hope will be better than the one you are sacrificing. Ultimately you let go of the previous thing and try out the new one. It’s when the new one is not as satisfying as the old one that you delete the new one, and you are left with nothing but the blank space. Now we wait for something better to come along and repeat the whole cycle.

“That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.”
― Emily Dickinson

Look at me ranting on about stuff. What am I, 80? Guess maybe, I should hit the sack. Or maybe have a coffee. Yeah, I think I’ll go with the coffee thing.


11 thoughts on “Replacing Replacements with Replacements

  1. i went through the same feeling ….. when i had no choice but to format ma laptop …. all ma fav movie collection , series , songs ….. gone…. now its like back to square one , i tried to copy as much as possible to ma Hd , but still….


  2. Well i had no other choice …. i tried to get back as many things that i cud , the process is still going on …. but a few would never come back…. and for that i have to convince my self ….


    1. Well good luck with that! I hear formatting your computer is harder than going through a break-up! And I am truly sorry for your loss.

      *Please maintain a two minute silence in the memory of shammee’s loss*.


    1. Hey, don’t lose hope. Read my post again. And then think of it this way, you get lots of free space. You could store more amounts of t.v. series and movies, now that you have space!

      And “thx for the condolences”?!? It was a joke, for crying out loud!


  3. Myself being a ardent fan of animated and cartoon movies, has never deleted any such movie I have got. I dont have any external HDD. so I get all my movies burned onto DVDs. U know, so far I have collected around 70 Gb of animation.. 😉 all on DVDs!!


    1. I don’t believe in DVDs anymore. I mean, they are easily lost, or lent and never returned, or lost and found broken somewhere in the depths of the universe.
      With a 1TB hard disk, you don’t have that problem. It hardly ever gets lost, you don’t lend your 1TB to anyone, and it doesn’t break under normal circumstances (unless of course, you decide to play shot-put with it). Moreover DVDs get scratched, Hard disks can be recovered!

      And I’m an ardent fan of animation too!


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