The Luxury of Sipping Coffee…

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When was the last time you sat down at a coffee place and just read a book? I want to do that sometime soon. Just go to a coffee place, most likely a CCD and catch up on my reading. Just forget all the worries and reservations and just relax. Just go down to the place, in your most comfortable but decent clothes and sit there the entire morning, and contemplate about trivial things, things that you usually don’t think about. Let the mind wander, and let coffee be the stimulating catalyst.

Wow! I just sounded like a ‘guru’ of some kind, didn’t I? Oh well, guess I’m just sleepy. But I will do it. Not today, not tomorrow, but sometime soon. The major problem is that I, personally, find no time or a plethora of excuses for not doing that. All of you lucky ba****ds who I see actually doing it, I just don’t get it. How on earth do you find the time? I’m jobless and still have no time at any particular time of the day. There’s always something to do. Sounds sad, but it is true.

Oh great, now I’m rhyming!! I really should be tucked in bed by now!

And you know what the worst part is? It’s that this “sometime soon” never comes. Well I hope someday, I’ll find the time and the peace of mind in order to achieve this seemingly impossible but trifling activity.

Bah! Who am I kidding? I wonder if the writers of FRIENDS and Seinfeld would have ever come up with the coffee place hangouts, had they written their scripts in these busy times.

“Love how you keep me warm and make me feel safe. Never a scornfull word or negative comment. Always pick me up when I am feeling down. You smell good all the time and steaming with pleasure…
Coffee, I think I love you.”

Yours Truly,


4 thoughts on “The Luxury of Sipping Coffee…

  1. I ve always wanted to do that too. I guess I just wanted to sip my coffee and sit there and stare at random people there.. But then I figured people would find that creepy.
    You should do it,man. Its not a very difficult task.
    They have this awesome place in Dubai, where one half is a book-store/library and the other half has coffee and these god-awesome couches so u can just lounge around and read to ur heart’s content…hmmm.. i’m not sure if i saw this place in a dream or if i actually saw it….


    1. No, It’s not a dream! It’s actually there! I don’t know about Dubai(!) but here in India, in reliance books and one more place, in Delhi. I forgot the name. It starts with an L… or something.

      And yeah, I really want to…but you know, you go there, and the moment you pick a book and sit down, you get the weirdest phonecalls, with the weirdest emergencies. I never actually found the time to go there and just sit all day and do nothing! Nothing other than sipping coffee and reading or maybe chat with someone interesting. Living life the way it’s meant to be lived!


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